In over my Head: Part 4

Hey again peopl! Oh wow, I've updated like.... a lot today! Update number four, here I come!!! Woohoo! Forgive me, I'm feeling like... REALLY energetic right now.

For reals, it's only 4:21, and i've been writing like crazy and all of that nice stuff. ( me giving out useless information so i can fill up space... smart XD)

Created by: ghettobabe4ever

  1. Resting out in the woods, the two of us, side by side, I couldn't help but think maybe i'd finally found someone to listen to me, since he was always nosing into my business. It'd been that way for a week, and i'd basically grown to having him around. I mean, it wasn't the worst thing on Earth, and most of the time, he was there for me... so that was sort of nice.
  2. I wasn't exactly used to having friends, my last one being Stacy Marx when I was eight years old. That was nine years ago, though, and we only stopped being friends because her parents did approve of my s---ty behavioral problems. " Come on. You HAVE to have ONE favorite pop singer. Anybody." I nudged his arm, making him smile softly as he shook his head. " I'm telling you I really don't. I prefer Christian music and--" " Come on! You don't even like Melanie Martinez? Iggy Azalea? Avril Lavigne?" I asked."
  3. " Nope," he said, childishly popping the 'p'. " Okay, then, good-boy. What singers DO you like?"" Hm," he hummed softly, tapping his chin with his index finger as he tilted his head to the side. " Lauren Daigle, Lecrae, and Jeremy Camp are good. Especially Lauren's later music, like the more recent ones..." " That sounds suckish." I muttered, turning my head to the side to look at him, almost smiling as he shook his head and pulled out a pair of earbuds from his Nike shorts.
  4. " No, it isn't. Just listen to this, and enjoy." he smiled, shoving the earpiece into my ear. 'I am guiltyAshamed of what I've done, what I've becomeThese hands are dirtyI dare not lift them up to the Holy oneYou plead my causeYou right my wrongsYou break my chainsYou overcomeYou gave Your lifeTo give me mineYou say that I am freeHow can it beHow can it be'The lyrics slowly flowed into my mind like a river, each word somewhat meaningful to me, but I couldn't really grasp the meaning. Once the song had finished, Max lifted the earbud from my ear and nudged my arm, causing me to slowly smile at him.
  5. " Heh? Heh?" he asked softly, bumping our shoulders together. " Okay, okay. It was pretty okay, I guess. But she has nothing on Billie." I waved him off, eyes stuck on his."Ha! I'll pretend that you just admitted that you liked it, cos you basically did." " Hey, back off dude. I'm not over the moon for her damn songs," I shrugged, listening to the low howls of the wind that seemed to skim our skin like thin sheets of paper. " but, it's okay. But... I still like Billie better."
  6. He shrugged, letting the thin pieces of his hair flip over his eyebrows in a way that infuriated me so much. " Move it." i growled. He scrunched his eyebrows together closely. " What?" " That piece of hair. I hate when it goes over your face. So move it." " Man, I never knew you cared so much about--" " No, I don't. I'm just saying that it covers your face." I shrugged.
  7. " Fine." he laughed lowly, that soft sound of his laugh cutting off shorter than I liked. I kind of liked the way his laugh was so perfect and caring... like he may ACTUALLY care a bit about me. As his index finger swiped over his hair, it uncovered his brow and instead laid flatly atop his head. " That's better." " Felicity, can I ask you something?"
  8. " Yeah, I guess. But I swear, if you ask anything stupid i'm going to --" " Why do you always hide yourself like that?" " What? I don't--" " You do. You always do. Because, when we're talking, you seem to be so care free and happy, but it's like you realize it and try to hide it. Are you worried or something? Scared? Broken? Because.... you shouldn't hide your smile. It's really something." he whispered.My heart began to hammer against my chest as I tried to conceal a smile peeking up on the corners of my lips." No... Max..." I whispered lowly, eyes on my nails.
  9. " Don't hide that smile, Felicity. It makes me feel good, making you smile." " You don't give a s--- about me, do you? Is this a game to you? Oh, I know! You're probably thinking 'let's embarrass this weird girl! She's SO vulnerable and weak.' Well, guess what, Max!? I'm not letting you make a fool of me!" I cried out, shuffling in the leaves as I stood up to my feet with a low snarl. " Felicity," he suddenly sighed, standing to his feet too, taking me by the wrist. " i'm not trying to make a fool of you. I'm only asking because I care and your my friend. This is what friends do for each other. I would NEVER hurt you, not on purpose." " You would! You'd do me like everyone else in this hell hole!" I screeched, molten tears burning the rims of my eyes as I tried to blink them back.
  10. " Felicity. Please calm down--" " I don't want to calm down Max! I don't need you! Just stay away from me you user! All you've done is fooled me. I'm no naive girl, Max. I see what you're doing, trying to hurt me like this, and it's not going to--" The cold taste of his fingertip was pressed softly against my lips as he tried to silence me... but that icy touch... it was almost inhuman." Listen to me Felicity. You're the only person who has made me feel happy this month. I'm going through some stuff, and so far, you've made this month spectacular. I don't want you to leave me. Please, Felicity.. --" " Max... you're freezing. I'm sorry I flipped out, I shouldn't have been b----ing like a fool... i'm just tired of people using me, okay. Just tell me what's wrong, Max." I slowly whispered, eyes on his with a look of fear.
  11. " Felicity, not yet. I want this month to be special. Just let me have this for now, please?" " But Max--" " No, Felicity. Tell me you promise. For me." he insisted. I thought this through, my heart racing as I gave a small nod. " Okay. I promise."
  12. CLIFFHANGER!!!!!

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