Love Unfolds Part 1

Heyheyhey so this is like my fourth or fifth quiz I hope you enjoys it please forgive me biut I screwed up on the results! Spencer is really sam, and there isn't a guy named Logan!! Sorry!

So ummm ya I hope you enjoy it please rate and comment as always and take my other quizzes please and tell your friends too! Kk peaceE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And please forgive me bout the results I promise it war happen again

Created by: ChanningTatumLover4

  1. It's your first day at MellowBrook High and you are finally a junior!!! You walk into the school and take a deep breath. "This is it," you think to yourself. You head to your first period, Reading Class. Just as you walk in, you trip and your books fall to the ground. Embarressed, you start to quickly pick up your books, and then you see someone elses hands are helping you. You look up and can barely breath. Helping you is a gorgeues guy with deep brown eyes and curly dark hair. "Hi, I'm Alex. Sorry about your books," he says in a deep voice. "Its okay," you manage to croak. He chuckles, and it sends shivers down your spine. "Whats your name?" "________" "Do you wanna sit with me?" he asks with a flirty smile. You nod and sit next to him. You can barely concentate on the teacher. What are you thinking??
  2. After class Alex walks you to Geography, (your next class). He is in a different class, so you re forced to part ways. In geography, you have assigned seats, so you head to your seat that the teacher places You in. As soon as you sit down you feel a sharp pain on your butt. You sit up with a tiny yelp of pain and look down to see a tack on your chair. You hear snickering behind you. You twirl around ready to give these a$$holes a piece of your mind, but you stop and are again knocked breathless by the mesmerizing guy in front of you. He has chesnut brown hair with faint streaks of blond, and chocolate brown eyes. He stops snickering at stares at you. "I-Im so sorry. I usually don't prank gorgeus girls," he says with a half smile that melts your heart. "It's ok," you reply. "I'm Sam, and you are?" "Oh, my name's ____," you say. Soon the teacher calls your attention and you are forced to look away from his beautiful face. What are you thinking now?
  3. After class you go to Chorus, which is your favorite class. Spencer offered to walk you there but the teacher kept him after class because of the whole tack incident. When you get to Chorus the teacher emediatly remembers your awesome voice from last year and has you sing a duet to show the class 'how it's done'. She calls you and someone named Dan up to the stage. You can't really get a good look at Dan because his face is hidden by the lyrics sheet in front of his face. The music starts and you open your mouth to sing the first note, but you stop and can barely think clearly. Standing in front of you is he most adorable guy you have ever seen. Although he's on the short side, Dan is really cute with long and curly brown hair and the most beautiful brown eyes you have ever seen. The teacher becomes upset and has Dan sing the song alone. You sit down and try to remember to blink. Dan starts to sing in an amazing voice and he stares at you throughout the love song he is singing. Once he finishes he sits down next to you and gives your hand a squeeze. You can tell he felt the same connection you did. After the bell you go to Science, which is pretty uneventful. Throughout Science, what are you thinking about?
  4. After Science you go to lunch. You get your favorite, tuna sandwich with cheese, and start to sit down when you hear your name. "____!" Alex calls from the far corner of the cafeteria. You smile and start to walk over to him when you hear a whistle. Like a 'your hot' whistle. You turn and see Sam, grinning ear to ear. You are torn. Then you feel eyes staring at you, and you turn to see Dan motioning for you to come over and sit with him. You dont want to hurt anybodies feelings, but you can't be in three places at once! Who do you want to sit with?
  5. You are really in a jam here. You hate making people unhappy, and each boy looks so happy to see you! You wish you could be in three places at once, so each boy could get some time with you. All of a sudden you feel a fire forming in your chest. It hurts so bad, it feels like your in hell. The fire ripples across your whole body, and you scream out in terror. You crumple to the ground, and the world goes black.
  6. Aanndd....... CLIFFHANGER! I'm sorry I hate these too but it's late and my parents are gonna kill me for staying up to type this so you better enjoy it!!
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  9. I want to be an english professor at a college someday. I want to write books too. You think I could do it?
  10. Peace!

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