The Girl Who Lived part 24

It's driving me crazy that on wattpadI have only 29 votes and not a single one on this story. Plus, I don't have a single comment on the story either. The number of votes bothers me the most, it's like "come on people,I only need one more vote for an even number" it's so annoying.

I'm back. I intended to update last weekend but unfortunately my computer refused to work, so I had to wait until I got it fixed to update, I believe this is long overdue.

Created by: chopinssonata
  1. After defense of the dark arts class ended, the self absorbed teacher told us to stay after class and that he had important news to share with us.
  2. "I have decided to create a dueling club that starts today. Anyone may participate. It begins in half an hour." I turned to Draco who had been sitting to my right.
  3. "Are you going to participate in the dueling club?"
  4. "I'd rather not if Potter's attending. If I know one thing, I learned that my father taught me well and not to tolerate being with mud bloods."
  5. "You can't judge a person simply from their backgrounds. I don't even have one considering, nothing was left by my parents." He didn't respond. He may be the rudest person you may ever meet but he's not stupid. Draco can take a hint and he had.
  6. "No matter what you say about Harry, that can't change that he's a good friend of mine and of Ron's. I'm still going to the dueling club even if your not." I rose from my chair and walked over to Harry. Before I was out of earshot, I heard Draco's comment.
  7. "It can't be that bad. I'll teach Potter a thing or two."
  8. I had asked Harry and Ron if they would participate. Harry had agreed easily that he could always use more training to defend himself. Ron was the one who took convincing. It took us several minutes to convince him and an apple pie as a bribe. He finally gave up knowing that he couldn't weasel anything out of me, Hermoine or Harry anymore. No joke intended.
  9. "That's it Ron, you're not getting anything more out of this." He thought about this. "I'm not going to offer you anything else besides an apple pie."
  10. "Let us get started shall we?" Gildrey Lockhart clapped his hands together to get our attention. "Let us go outside for dueling." We had traveled as a giant herd outside into the courtyard where the dueling soon began. I was paired with Neville, Hermoine with Ron and Harry had gotten stuck with Draco. As Harry and Draco had begun dueling nothing had happened. They had shouted spells at each other with so much hate towards each other. In the midst of their fight, Draco conjured a snake with the flick of a wand. I heard a voice within my head. It wasn't my conscience. The venomous voice was frightening how similar it had been to the one I had heard when I had locked myself in the hospital wing. I shook my head violently and put my palms over my ears to block out the terrible sound.
  11. "Scarlet, what's wrong? Do you have a migraine?" The voice had gotten louder to almost a shout that my brain couldn't concentrate on anything beside the voice. It continued to get louder and I clamped my palms on my ears harder to block the sound. Resisting the sound had done no good. I wasn't sure what it had said, I was trying my best to rid myself of it. By this time, I had been curled on the ground. The voice in my head had been silenced. I stood and looked over at Neville who was pacing back and forth at a hurried pace, muttering to himself. I caught his arm to get him to stop pacing.
  12. "I'm sorry for making you worry." He gave me one of his warm smiles. Everyone's attention wasn't on me, it was on Harry. Harry and Draco were no longer dueling. The snake conjured by Malfoy had slithered to be only a foots distance away from Harry. Harry was talking to the snake. I understood their conversation perfectly but everyone else besides me, Harry and the snake seemed to be rather puzzled. I put a mask over my real expression. I made it appear as if I hadn't had the slightest clue to what they were talking about. Truth was, I understood completely. Every word.

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