The Girl Who Lived part 29

Well, I am almost to my 30th chapter and I'm still only in the 2nd year and I wasn't even planning to make this and 1st year the longest chapters. I've got a long road ahead of me.

Great news, I recently got 30 votes in all on my wattpad account and I didn't vote for my stuff. So, that was the highlight of my whole day. Meanwhile, my time writing this week is ticking only 5 days not including sunday or today.

Created by: chopinssonata
  1. "Why was Hagrid taken prisoner? I don't have all the details, I heard that he opened the Chamber of Secrets but I don't believe it for one second. What led people to believe it?"
  2. "I found a notebook in the bathroom that showed the events that happened 50 years ago that proved Hagrid was the heir. Then he was sent to Azkaban." Harry said, walking briskly. The spiders crawled at a fast pace. There was a space in the forest that the spiders stopped. There was a giant spider among them all. He or it introduced itself as Aragog. It said to us that Hagrid was not the heir. Ron was quivering and holding onto the back of my cloak as if he were a child not wanting to be lost.
  3. "Grow up Ron. I know you're afraid of Spiders but hiding behind me isn't going to solve anything." Before I said more to Ron, the spiders were circling around us. We began running, the branches of the trees whipped us as we ran, the sting of when they flew back and hit us wouldn't compare to the frightening uncertainty of what would come if the spiders would catch us. My heart beat faster from running. I was sprinting slower than Harry but I wasn't breathing as hard. As crisp and clear as the air was, the air itself did not seem as though it were enough. My head began to ache. I continued to run, until the heel on my boot caught onto the root of a tree that had slightly poked out from the ground. I was falling downwards, when a hand pulled me up. It was Harry. He had stopped and come to help me. I searched for Ron hoping he was alive. I couldn't see him anywhere. Man, the Weasley's would be upset.
  4. "Ron!" I screamed. then from a far distance from where we were running from, the voice came, quiet but still audible
  5. "Scarlet! I'm fine. I need to lay off the pumpkin bread." The thought of Ron going on some sort of diet made me laugh at the thought. Ron soon came into sight but behind him was a swarm of spiders, and they were angry. Harry was still holding my hand from when he helped me up. He must've forgotten. My feet ached more than the forming bruises on my arms and legs. Ron tumbled as I had but, this time no one was there to rescue him. The spiders did catch up with him, I watched as they crept closer. "Scarlet!"
  6. "Ron!" Harry and I both screamed. I sprinted towards him letting go of Harry's hand. I didn't try to conserve my energy, I wouldn't have any soon and I needed to reach Ron before the spiders did. Jumping over moss covered logs, rocks and avoiding being whipped by a tree branch it seemed like some sort of obstacle course. When I had reached an arms length of Ron, it was already too late. The spiders had surrounded us and there was no way out that was physically possible for us. The spiders were among us, and we were left with no means of escape.
  7. cliffhanger
  8. end of chapter 29
  9. filler questions
  10. filler questions

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