The Girl Who Lived part 20

After several hours of being in complete solitude, listening to music and other fun stuff for about a full hour, this whole idea came to my head. Thus, chapter 20 being born, finally after a day and a half of writing this.

IMPORTANT: So, this is basically the amount of 3 chapters crammed into 1, so I expect at least 3 comments posted. The dialogue is a little weird in this one but, please read it like it is any other chapter. I will also take a short leave on GTQ to come up with more ideas.

Created by: chopinssonata
  1. I went over toward the pile of clothes. I lifted up the dirty clothes and found a book. It was old looking and beat-up. I opened it up. The first page of the book was entirely blank. I opened the book to the next page. It was blank. I suppose it was a diary, it had simply looked like it. That was rather odd how there was a diary without any entries in it. I wrote in the diary. "I am Scarlet." If it were any other diary within the muggle world, nothing would've happened which is what I expected. But, we were in the magical school of Hogwarts. Something did in fact happen to the diary. Not the way I had expected. Writing came back onto the page as my writing disappeared. This definitely was not any ordinary diary, much less Ginny's. Writing showed up on the page at first barely visible. A minute or two later, the writing was clear on the page.
  2. "˜I am Tom Riddle.' I'm not sure If I was hallucinating or not but, I could hear those words being spoken by someone, or something. It sounded as if the words were slurred together and the letter S was always annunciated. It sounded similar to a hiss.
  3. "Who are you, Tom?" Words appeared on the page faster than it had when I had picked up the diary.
  4. "˜Only a friend. That's all' As I read this, I could still hear the venomous voice in my ear. It seemed too real. When I looked around the room I could see nothing. I was in complete solitude. I heard knocking at the door. I opened the door.
  5. "Hey Neville, what are you doing?" I tucked the diary under my cloak.
  6. "I came to check on you. Are you all right?"
  7. "Yeah, I'm fine. Why wouldn't I be?"
  8. Neville's Pov: I've been worried about Scarlet. The last time I saw her was such a long time ago. The last time I saw her was at the Dining hall last week. Something doesn't seem right. I can smell it. Okay, it might also be Ginny's old dirty clothes. "Scarlet, no one has seen you since last week."
  9. Normal: How could that much time have had elapsed? I could have sworn that I had just sat down at the dining hall a few minutes ago. "What time is it now?"
  10. "Dinner time. Do you want me to escort you?"
  11. "Yes please." He held out an elbow and I accepted. Together we joined elbows and headed downstairs to the dining hall. When I entered the dining hall, many eyes at the Gryffindor table looking at me and a few Slytherins.
  12. Oliver's Pov: I saw her enter the room. This is the first time I've seen her this week. I caught a glimpse of her in the dining hall last week. Being 4 years older than her made me expect that I wouldn't see her as much as I would if I were in her year. Her hair is longer than it was last week. She's much paler and she's skinnier. Seeing her like this makes me feel worse than if a bludger hit you on the field when playing quid ditch. Although, this time it doesn't hurt externally, I can feel the pain on the inside. I went up to her as she sat at the Gryffindor table. Her skin is fair but, now it's a sickly pale white. "Hey Scarlet, it's been a while." I don't think she heard. She wasn't talking to anyone else but, she looked as if she were in deep thought. Her hair wasn't a ginger anymore, it was jet black and her eyes weren't a mischievous hazel, they were green. She turned to face me. Something dropped from her cloak. A leather book. Maybe a diary. I picked it up and handed to her. When she took the book, her hands were trembling. How bony her fingers had become.
  13. Normal: "Thank you." I took the book hastily and put the book back into my cloak. Oliver saw my hands. I rolled down the sleeves of my shirt. I only ate an apple. That's all my stomach could handle after not eating for an entire week. Ron came and sat beside me.
  14. Ron's Pov: She had bags under her eyes and I haven't seen for a week. I immediately gave her a hug when I saw her. I haven't seen my adoptive sister for a whole week. I didn't expect to do what I did but, it just seemed to have had happened. When I hugged her, I didn't feel the usual warmth that she usually had. Just a haunting coldness. It seemed to linger. I could feel her backbone from running my hand up her back. This didn't feel like the Scarlet I knew. "Here, eat some of this." I had food in my mouth and as usual, it fell out while I talked. I made myself look like an idiot simply to make her laugh. The humiliation was worth it. That was one thing that hadn't changed about her. Her laugh. Even though her laugh remained the same, the same iciness lingered. She refused the food I had offered her. She never rejects food. She says that she can't eat anymore and that she's stuffed. I know she only ate and apple. The Scarlet I know wouldn't not eat anything. This behavior is strange.
  15. Harry's Pov: When I spotted Scarlet, my heart jumped. I hadn't seen her in so long. Malfoy has stopped insulting me, he's been asking about Scarlet lately. I don't know how to respond. Scarlet was hugged by Ron, I was a little upset over it, maybe even a tad jealous but that aside, Scarlet's health is more important than my crazy emotions for now. My fists clenched and then unclenched when I came to the realization that Ron was Scarlet's foster sister. Though they are not related, they are technically family. Even though I'm sitting a distance away from them, I could clearly see Scarlet's backbone through her Gryffindor robes. I went over to them, ditching my seat by some other Gryffindor that I've been stuck next to. As I made my way over to her, she got up and then collapsed. Oliver carried her on his back since he was closest. Ron trailed behind, grabbing as much food as he could as possible. The twins and I followed him. Neville had left earlier with Oliver, holding an antique looking book that had fallen out of Scarlet's robes. I was the last to go to see her in the hospital wing, at least I thought. I walked down the long corridor to the wing. That's when I heard footsteps behind me. I spun around on my heel to see Malfoy and his underlings heading my way. He hadn't done anything but now, I hate him more than ever. "What do you want Malfoy?"
  16. "Move out of the way Potter." He spat at me and headed toward the wing. Could he be visiting Scarlet?
  17. The Twins Pov: Scarlet, was placed down on a hospital bed. Seems like last year except this year, her visit here is more fatal. Neville placed down Scarlet's book down on the table beside her. The atmosphere was cold. We reached for the book Neville had placed down on the table. Of course we would only take a peek. We opened the novel to the second page for just a peek and unfortunately Neville caught us. He slapped both of our hands and made us drop the book. We did catch a name in the book. Tom Riddle. Normally at a time like this, we would play a prank on Ron, or anything to make her laugh. Now, she was unresponsive. We can't do anything besides hope.
  18. Draco's Pov: Crabbe, Goyle and I finally made it into the hospital wing. I made Crabbe hold a bouquet of flowers and Goyle held a box of chocolates. I was going to talk to her after dinner in the courtyard. I knew that if I did during dinner, I would never hear the end of it from that bloody Pansy Parkinson. Plus, it would ruin my reputation with the other Slytherins. By the time I had entered the wing, it was just me and that Potter. What's he got to do with her anyway? Her parents didn't entrust his family with her. I ordered Crabbe and Goyle to set the stuff for her on the table by her bedside. "What do you want Potter?"
  19. "Why are you here Malfoy?"
  20. "Can't I visit my foster sister?" That shut him up. I smirked at him and he left. I ran my fingers through my hair. It wasn't slicked back anymore. My eyes felt as if they were stinging. I put my fingers to a spot slightly below my eyes. It was moist.
  21. Normal: I woke later that day in a hospital bed. Seriously? Is this going to happen every year? I looked around, not a trace of anyone. Ron left some fruit, Fred and George left a can of peanut brittle, Neville left my book on the table, Harry left his jacket and Oliver had simply carried me here. But, the only thing I'm missing is, who brought the box of chocolates and the flowers? I looked at them and there was no card. Some things are left better unsolved. I closed my eyes and gave a heavy sigh. As soon as my eyes were closed, I heard the voice from earlier, this time it was venomous.
  22. Third person: While Scarlet was hearing the scratchy voice, the Gryffindor boys and Draco went to ask Dumbledore about the name Tom Riddle and Scarlet's behavior. That Scarlet hadn't seemed herself and that she was distant, distracted and dazed. Back to Scarlet in the hospital wing.
  23. Normal: I got up to the door. It wouldn't budge. Funny thing is, the hospital wing door can't lock. The icy voice returned. I headed toward the diary, I wanted some answers. "Who are my parents?"
  24. "˜I know them very well'
  25. "Give me a straight answer"
  26. "˜Your mother was a Gryffindor and your father is Slytherin.'
  27. "What happened to my mother?"
  28. "˜She's dead'
  29. "Who's my father?" When I wrote that, at the same time the door to the Hospital Wing was being shaken. The boys were shouting on the other side and pounding on the door. I ignored their cries and pleads and focused on the voice. The venomous voice returned once again.
  30. "I am your father" With that, my world became black, the voice was gone, the cries outside the door became more urgent and Tom Riddle is my father.

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