Do you know 1 Direction's real secrets?

Do you really know One Direction? Are you one of their biggest fans like me!? If you think you are then you might be up for this quiz! Enjoy! Comment and Rate if you have an account.

Okay so the questions are in sections. Like one section is about Harry and one is about Liam and so on. Also please comment and rate if you have an account. Oh and hope Y'all enjoy!

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  1. This is the Niall section: What is his favorite song to perform?
  2. What does he do before they preform?
  3. What is his favorite US city?
  4. How does he think of himself?
  5. This is Zayn's section now: True or false? He has never had a real conversation with an American girl?
  6. What was his funniest band prank?
  7. What is his guilty pleasure?
  8. Who is his "musical inspiration"?
  9. Now on to Harry: What is his quirky talent?
  10. Would he date a fan?
  11. Why does he LOVE the USA?
  12. What is his favorite movie?
  13. Okay now Lewis: What was his funniest stage moment?
  14. Why does he love the US?
  15. What weird food does he like?
  16. What is his favorite TV show?
  17. Finally Liam's section: What is his favorite thing a fan did for them?
  18. Where has he been over 10 times?
  19. What is his favorite restaurant?
  20. What is his favorite stage stunt that wouldn't let them do.
  21. Now just a few random questions: Who is single at the moment?
  22. True or False? Are they friends with BTR?

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Quiz topic: Do I know 1 Direction's real secrets?