A One Direction Love Story

Hey everyone! This is the new series that I was talking about in that update. I feel like I did a better job on this one. sorry if there is a mistake, I was typing really fast ;) Enjoy!

Same as the first paragraph. so read it if you want. Rate and Comment please! So...who's your favorite 1D babe? You can kinda tell who mine is XD . Again, Enjoy!

Created by: Onedirectioner82

  1. I sigh as my alarm clock goes off. Another wonderful day to go through with Harrison, my totally idiotic boyfriend. He is never caring, never there for me, and never really even pays attention to my thoughts. Today I had to go see a new movie coming out, and it was a horror movie. Most likely he'd be oblivious to my pale face- I hate blood and gore and all that crap. I don't even know why I date him in the first place. I guess today will be the day to end all that.
  2. Suddenly, my cell phone rings. It's Harrison himself. " Hey sweet-" " Harrison, we need to talk" I said, not even caring that he was about to say the only compliment to me in our relationship"" What?" "We need to break up. It's like you're never there for me. We only did what you wanted to do." I said, fighting back the tears that were coming on. I had never known it would be so hard to tell him that. "__________" he says. There is pain in his voice. But I will not give him the satisfaction of my pity.
  3. " Sorry Harrison. but you need to learn how to treat girls better." With that I hang up the phone. Then I call my best friend, Lacee to go get a sandwich at Subway. She agrees, and I tell her I'll come get her in about 20 minutes. I take what could be the fastest shower I have ever taken. I don't really want to drown out my sorrows quite yet. Then I choose to put on:...
  4. Then I just put on a little eyeshadow and mascara, and run out the door. It only takes about 10 minutes to drive to Lacee's house, and she's sitting on her porch waiting for me. " I thought you were going to that new horror movie with Harrison." " I broke up with him this morning. He just isn't my type." " Good. He didn't deserve you if he treats you like that." And that's why Lacee is my best friend. We pull up to the Subway parking lot. As we are going inside, I see some strangely familiar brown, curly hair. Oh well. I order a Meatball Marinara and grab some Lay's chips and a Diet Coke. Suddenly, Lacee bumps me on my shoulder. "_________!!!! Look who is sitting RIGHT THERE!" she whispers loudly in my ear. I hear chuckles to my left, and I turn to tell them off.
  5. As soon as I open my mouth, I shut it. There, breathing the same air I am, was One Direction themselves. But they were missing someone. Harry was there, and so were Louis, Liam, and Zayn, but where was Niall? " Lacee just act casual. I'll go get our food, you stay here, get us a table, and try to contain yourself." I was having a little trouble doing that myself. I turn, and run straight into Niall Horan. We both trip and fall down.
  6. We stared at each other for a long time, and I could hear the other guys laughing their heads off. Out of the corner of my eye, Lacee was just sitting with her mouth wide open." So sorry!" I hear Niall stammer, as he helps me up. I can't help but stare into his crystal blue eyes as I reply, or rather,stammer back "It's fine really. I should watch where I'm going more often." " The least I could do is pay for these," he said picking up all the sandwiches. He smiled as he picked up mine. " You like Meatball Marinara too?" I smile back." yeah, It's my favorite. But it won't be necessary to pay for them. I'll pay." I said, turning to the wide eyed cashier- Harrison.
  7. I decide the best way to handle this is to completely ignore the fact that he exists. I simply slam two twenties on the counter, say" Keep the change. Have a nice day," One Direction was already waiting for me, with two tables pushed together. Lacee was looking like she was in heaven. She was seated next to Harry and Zayn. " I saved you a seat." Niall said, giving me a weird look, apparently seeing the look on my face. I took the seat in the middle of Niall and Louis
  8. " You never told us your names." Liam says with that adorable accent of his. " I'm ___________, and this is Lacee." " Well, ________ and Lacee, how bout coming to hang at our penthouse tomorrow? There's a hot tub!" Louis says with a grin. I nod at Lacee, and she says, " We'd love too."
  9. They write down their hotel room number, and where the hotel is located. Niall hands you the paper, and your hands brush for one minute. He blushes, and you look down at the ground. " We gotta go. See you guys tomorrow." Harry says with a wink. You wave goodbye, and looked down at the page. They had slipped in 2 tickets to their concert and their numbers.
  10. Cliffhanger!!! XD Thanks guys for reading this. I think I like this one a lot better than the other ones. Sorry there wasn't much of Harry, Zayn, Liam, or Louis I was trying to get into how Niall loves you at first sight. There will be more of them all I promise!

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