Who in 1D would date you? (Long answers)

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Take this quiz to see who you would be amazayn with in One Direction. :) Don't take this quiz if you don't love them now and forever. Hope you like it.

Also you will get a story of how you met, your first date and what kids you had. Sorry this is probably annoying writing about this quiz but I have to. Have fun

Created by: moofy XD
  1. (please don't hurt me!) What's your favourite colour?
  2. Whats you fear?
  3. Favourite saying?
  4. Personality???
  5. Favourite Food???
  6. Who is your favourite?
  7. In your group of friends you are...
  8. Fav song from these:
  9. The Annoying Let Fate Decide...
  10. (Sorry can't think of another question) Bye

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