Percy Jackson Love Story Special: Tristan and Darren

Thanks to all who entered my contest!!! I'm sorry for taking forever......ive been...uh...busy. Lol. But I do have to pick a winner. And that would HogwartsLove!!!! Her entry was AMAZAYN (lol Directioners). Congrats to her and thanks to all who entered!!

This special focuses on another one of Tristan and Darren's arguments. The one they had during your date at night. What happened? Read on and find out. Merry ChristmaHanaKwanza!!!!

Created by: Calypso1315
  1. Hello, lovelies! It's been a while! Well, I just got off yesterday for winter break, so expect more updates! Also, I must announce the winner of my contest! Well, congratulations to my winner and very groovy friend, HogwartsLove! Her entry captured delicate emotions going through the boys at that very moment, and was so incredible to read. Although, Tristan's POV and the 'prophecy' at the end is my work, nearly everything else is hers! CONGRATS HL!!!! Enjoy :) 
  2. Tristan's POV:  As I sat here in the Infirmary, I remembered the many fights Darren and I had had about Violet. The one when I discovered he loved her, the one when he told  me himself. No one knew about that we'd had it during dinner. No one was in the cabin.  Darren and I had both decided we weren't hungry, though I thought for different reasons. He said he'd had a big lunch, but now that I look back on it, I feel like the biggest idiot for not questioning him, as he had completely missed lunch. 
  3. But I didn't question him then, and we just sat there in our cabin for a while, until we saw Violet outside the window. she was wearing a red dress and a jean jacket with matching red high tops. Her luscious _____ hair was braided back. She was walking towards the beach- and, not to far behind her, we could see the figure of Luke Castellan. His eyes were trained on her, following her down to the beach. I watched until they were both out of sight, but I knew what was going on. 
  4. Darren's POV  "She's gone, then," I said out loud, tasting the words unknowingly for myself and forcing a laugh. At an attempt to seem as if this in no way effected me, I slapped Tristan on the back. "Sorry, bro." He didn't turn to so much as look at me. My heart stopped in panic from the silence until, finally, he narrowed his eyes and glared in my direction. "Are you sorry for me or yourself?" he asked, appearing as if he was trying to keep himself from going into a complete rage. 
  5. My head snapped back in surprise at his disgusted facial expression. "What does that mean?" I demanded, standing from my bed abruptly. Without missing a beat, Tristan had jumped to his own feet, his face red within moments. "Why didn't you tell me!" he shouted, seeming as if on the verge of crying. Without waiting for an answer, he went on. "'It won't happen again?' Forget you, Darren!" he yelled, and stormed out of our cabin..
  6. Taken aback, I stood in the empty silence of our cabin for a moment, repeating what had just happened in my head, before following him tentatively, suddenly weary. He was sitting outside, his head against the cabin and his hands covering his face. "Tristan," I called, trying to sound as if nothing were wrong. "I didn't mean it like-" "Like with Rose?" he spat, his hands dropping to his side.My expression fell. "Yeah. How could you forget?" he sneered tiredly. "You remember Rose, right? The girl I was, like an idiot, in love with? And-" "Tristan, I-" He stopped me.
  7.  "No, Darren, let me get to the best freaking part!" he shouted, putting on a sarcastic smile. I looked down at my feet and rubbed the back of my neck as he continued. "And YOU, Darren Grove, the MAGNIFICENT Darren Grove! YOU liked her too! Convenient for Rose, right, bud? And you! Convenient for you! She loved bad boys, and YOU fit the role perfectly! So she ditched me, went for you—who DOESN'T go for you?" "Tristan-" I tried again desperately, nearly begging at this point. "I'm sor-" "So," he whispered, more to himself as he stared at his hands, giving a quiet laugh. "Why should Violet be any different?" He looked up. "You've gotta steal her, too."
  8. I hadn't noticed that I was crying as he stood up and walked back inside. "Tristan!" I cried. "I'm sorry! I know I said it wouldn't happen again, but Violet's-" "Perfect," he smiled mockingly over his shoulder, holding his hand up to stop me and continuing to walk away. "I know." I fell back against the wall, my hands gripping my hair. That had happened not too long ago, and the silence of everything was starting to drive me insane. Tristan, who no longer seemed as angered, stayed quiet, only answering shortly when someone talked directly to him. He was constantly staring at nothing with a blank look on his face. 
  9. I dragged myself outside and shielded my eyes from the sun, which was surprisingly still shining, though hanging by a thread over the horizon. Over the span of time since Violet had been gone on her date, I'd been religiously attempting to convince myself I didn't care about her, at least not that way. But I think pretending I didn't and lying to myself only made it worse, and every time I pictured her eyes I was sinking deeper and deeper into them. Frustrated with myself, I kicked the side of our cabin. You don't like her, I thought to myself. 
  10. But I wonder what it's like to kiss her. No! I shouted to myself. She doesn't matter. I took in a deep breath and opened my eyes. "I do not like Violet Wilde-" I know she likes Luke- or maybe the ever-famous Percy kid. She deserves someone good-like Tristan. "-And even if I did-" gods, I need help. What do I mean, "even if I did?" I do. I guess she can just add me to the list. I threw a nearby rock. Is this any different? Do I just like her because I'm a selfish brother who wants to take another person from Tristan? I shook my head. After Rose had dumped him like trash and gone out with me, I realized afterwards how awful that was. Or, how awful I was.
  11. And then I'd dumped her. Like trash. Like she'd done with Tristan. Did I want to hurt Violet? I already knew the answer: no. I didn't want her to hurt at all. And I especially didn't want to be the one to hurt her. "I just have to convince myself," I repeated out loud, "that I don't care." "But you do." I turned sharply; Tristan was leaning against the doorway of our cabin. Those were the first words he'd spoken in days, if not weeks, to me. I stood there in guilt. I couldn't bring myself to reply. He obviously had been crying repeatedly throughout the week because his eyes were bloodshot and he looked as if he were sick. 
  12. I finally shook my head. "No, I don't." He laughed at me, and I flinched. "You're a bad liar," he said as he stepped down and stared at me. Involuntarily, I broke down. "But it doesn't matter," I insisted. He stepped back, crossing his arms again and making me feel very pitiful. "Tell me about her." "What?" I questioned, furrowing my eyebrows in confusion. "Tell me about Violet," he repeated calmly. "I-" "Go." He waited for me to begin, and the silence drove me to finally blurt it out.
  13.  "She's Violet!" I shouted, throwing my arms up, just wanting his forgiveness. He nodded. "And?" he said. "She's Violet," I repeated again, more to myself now. "She's... I don't know, Tristan!" I groaned. "Yes, you do," he insisted. "She's... Smart? She's extremely smart, and she's loyal to her friends," I tried. He waited. "She's crazy. The good crazy." I stopped, realizing what he'd done. "She's skilled and she's kind and she's beautiful and she's perfect and damn it, Tristan!" He only watched me as I aimlessly chucked another rock. 
  14. "And?" he said quietly, waiting. He knew. He knew exactly what I was thinking, and it angered me that he was putting me through this torture. "And you know the rest!" I snapped. Tristan and I were not the usual pair of brothers. People automatically assume we'd fight a lot since we were siblings. In truth, though, we didn't. We rarely fought, and when we did it was jokingly or over something small and stupid, something that didn't matter. This was different. And it scared me. It's extremely different. Tristan studied my gaze before whispering in the saddest and most defeated tone I'd ever heard from him: "You love her."
  15. And what, somehow, scared me even more, was the fact that I realized; he wasn't wrong. No matter how many times I said it to myself, said it aloud, thought on it, whatever, the fact remained that I would always be in love with Her. However, I just stared blankly at Tristan, in a last-ditch effort to try and talk myself out of it. When, after a certain period of time, he didn't get a response from me, he got up again, and walked out of the cabin. I didn't bother to follow him this time. I sat there and waited for him to come back, and when he did, our other siblings soon followed, so there was no discussion between us. Finally, after what seemed like forever, I caught Tristan's eye, I held his gaze tensely, and nodded. His eyes widened, then he turned away. 'Well,' I thought myself, 'there's no going back now.'
  16. Tristan's POV Despite however many girls Darren had ever stolen or would steal from me (even if they're not mine to be stolen), he was my brother and I loved the big idiot. And I knew now exactly how much Darren loved Violet, as he had passed out the second he heard she was gone. He was also spewing prophecies about her every couple of days. I was getting really worried, in the beginning, that he might never wake up, but now I know exactly when he will. When Violet returns from her quest. I thought of the necklace I had made her, how it probably lay unattended in our cabin. 
  17. I couldn't wait to give it to her. I didn't want her to be walking around unprotected anymore- though, sure, she's pretty badass with that sword of hers and can take care of herself, and yes, Daughters of Aphrodite don't usually attract too much monster attention- but I swear, she was different. She radiated a kind of power you usually didn't see in a Daughter of the Love goddess. She was special. Though now, I felt weird about giving her the necklace. Darren and I both loved her...who knows how many others did too. Would she accept it? Well, I guess I'd have to wait and see. "Darren...." I whispered, "Is she....okay? Is she coming back soon?"
  18. "The dove approaches her destination soon. She is injured, laying in the light of the moon. Her quest is almost at its end, but she will not succeed without help from a friend. A lover, a friend, will break her heart,sending them right back to start. The dove approaches the City Where Nothing Leaves, on her way to find the One Who Deceives."
  19. Okay, sorry for taking forever. Seriously. I've been so busy with some things in my life right now, school being a minor detail. Since I'm on winter break, expect some more updates!! I will TRY to write a Christmas Special, and if I do, it'll be out at like 5 in the morning. MERRY CHRISTMAHANAKWANZA!!! Whatever your religion, what you believe, what you don't, right now is a time to be happy and grateful for the things in your life and the people you have to share it with. I feel particularly blessed with a certain friend by the name of HogwartsLove who gave me so much confidence to do what I wanted to do and make my dreams come true. I'm so much closer to the person I want to be today than I was back in March of 2012, before I met her, than I have ever been. So HL, thank you simply for existing and supporting me in everything. You're a true friend. Love you :)

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