Percy Jackson Love Story Special Edition- Tristan Grove

Okay, here is the winning piece for PJLS. I have to admit, I'm a little disappointed. I only got 4 entries. But I guess you guys were all busy, and that's okay! Okay, well, again thanks to the four who sent something in!

Alright, and the winner of PJLS Special Editiion #2 is BLUEBIRD! Thanks to the awesome runner up, Bookworm123!!!! they were both amazing!! Alright, 4-8 belongs to Bluebird, and I wrote the rest! Enjoy!!

Created by: Calypso1315

  1. Hello, and welcome! Congrats to @Bluebird! She has picked a song for this Special (a song to which Nat and I BOTH cried) and it's awesome and goes with this perfectly! It's =watch?v=tiJjuCVn1O0&feature=BFa&list=AL94UKMTqg-9A9Fv92soaQrYaVhB3euDNB that's the link of the song that goes with this quiz. If that doesn't work, type in 'God Bless the Broken Road' by Rascal Flatts. Bluebird wrote this is the POV of Tristan. So...ENJOY!
  2. I leaned against the trunk of a tree. My eyes were still watering and they had turned bloodshot. I wondered, why did she leave and most importantly, who with? Was it because of me? Or my little brother just being a creep and gawking at her every time she walked past like she was some sort of circus freak? Was it that Hermes kid, what's his face? I didn't really feel like remembering his name. I heard that he made her cry. I felt like punching him square in the face for that. I ran a hand through my hair and slid down the trunk of the tree. Just thinking of her made my heart race. She was amazing in that arena earlier. Slashing away, she looked magnificent. I just wished I had talked to her more often.
  3. I just felt the longing to be near her. I wanted to know where she was. I wanted to be with her. To hold her hand and be there when she needs me. To be her shoulder to cry on, her go to guy. Her best friend yet a whole lot more. The thought of her lips on mine made me shiver in anticipation. I thought of what Ren said earlier... that he loved her. I knew I felt a strong feeling for her but I wasn't sure... was it love? I decided to test it on my tongue. "I love Violet Wilde." I said quietly. It felt somehow... right. I tested again. "I love Violet Wilde." I said again but a little bit louder. Then I came to the realization. I really did love her... "I love Violet Wilde!" I said louder. "Don't they all." I heard behind me.
  4. "Excuse me?" I said as I turned to look. It was that Annabeth girl from the Athena cabin. "Oh my gods, you didn't know?" She said with a smirk plastered on her face. "Know what?" I treaded carefully into what seemed like dangerous territory. "You're not the only one who loves Violet Wilde. Walk with me." She said and I didn't feel like I had a choice so I got up. "What do you mean?" I asked. "You must have known why she was crying the other day." She said and I could tell she was a bit delighted with it. "Yea what about it?" "Well that was about her failed date with Luke. That's why Dominic, that Ares kid, is angry with her. He loves her, so does Luke and quite a few others." My brother included, I thought. I suddenly felt very protective of Violet and my love for her. "How do I know your not lying?" I snapped at her. "I know you don't like Violet. How do I know you're not lying?" "Trust me I'm not lying. Although you're right, I'm not a particular fan of hers. She stole my quest spot and I'm not a very happy person right now." She said as she frowned. "My chance to see the outside world for once and she takes it! Not a happy camper..." "I still don't believe you." "No, you believe me... You just refuse to admit it."
  5. "This conversation is over." I said as I turned and walked back towards the Hephaestus cabin. But I decided to go to the workshop instead. "Holy Hephaestus!" I said as I walked in. This place never ceased to amaze me but that's not what I was surprised about. Beckendorf had somehow set of a small explosion. Not too much damage but it madeone heck of a noise. "Sorry..." He said, a bit embarrassed. "Not to worry. It'll be fine..." I reassured. I stepped around the mess while Beckendorf cleaned it up. I went and looked at some materials and picked out just the stuff I needed. I took some tools and loaded them onto the work bench. The silver I had collected would be perfect. Now to craft it. I set up a hot fire and started working away. Piece by piece it was starting to come together.
  6. As the delicate silver flower was cooling, I lifted up the chain and thought. I wonder if she'll like it. If she comes back... when she comes back... It'll give me the perfect excuse to give it to her. I could just imagine me walking up to her and handing the necklace to her. "˜What is it?' I think she would ask. "˜It's a welcome back present. Something to keep you safe for further adventures.' I sighed. I linked the flower to the chain and put the special emerald in. Something to keep her safe in further adventures. The emerald was inlaid with a powerful protection spell that would help in her fights. Not that she needed it... I wondered if she would like it. I waked out of the workshop and held the necklace in the sunlight. When she came back... She just had to come back...
  7. I don't know what I would do with myself if she should die on the quest. I remember when Luke Son of Hermes got a quest. He took his two best friends- Dominic Son of Ares, and Brandon Son of Demeter. They went to the Garden of the Hesperaids as a trio, and came back as a duo. Brandon had died in the Garden, and Luke and Dominic havent spoken to each other since. What I'm trying to say is- I don't want me and Darren to be like Luke and Dominic. If she's not in my future, I don't want a future.
  8. I left the workshop and went back to my Cabin. I opened the door, but it hit something big and hard. I look down and saw...Darren. He was unconscious on the floor. I quickly set the magic necklace down on the desk right next to the door and grabbed my brother. I hauled his fat butt out the door and started screaming bloody murder. A bunch of kids from Apollo cabin came over with a stretcher and pulled him away. I followed, wondering why Ren had fainted. I think I had a good idea.
  9. *Annabeth's POV* Why is everybody so hung up on Violet Wilde? She's self-important, smug, arrogant, and thief, and frankly, I would be surprised if it was her who stole the bolt. What do Luke and Percy see in her?!? "This conversation is over," Tristan, another lovesick boy, said with a defiant look. He turned and walked off towards the workshop. I followed. Beckendorf had blown something else, so, I didn't have trouble sneaking in. I put on my Yankees cap and watched over Tristan's should as he crafted a beautiful flower necklace. 'One guess who THAT'S for,' I thought. Then, to my surprise, I saw him take a magical emerald and place it in the center. I knew what that emerald was for. It was to protect her. And I just couldn't have that. I followed him back to his cabin and had to hold in a shriek when I saw his brothers unconscious body laying on the floor. Tristan screamed and put down the necklace. He rushed Darren away, and I took my chance. I took the necklace, and stuffed it in my pocket.
  10. Hey guys! I hope you liked it, and BIG congrats to @Bluebird for her amazing entry. Also, thanks to @Bookworm123 for her amazing entry! Also thanks to @xxblutixx and @ILuvHolister for their entries for DYHHS!! Part 4 with be out soon, I promise, and Part 14 is in the making!! Make sure to comment, rate, and Uh...have a good day!

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