The love of the end

Hey people! Join the grove with me!!!! PARTY ROCK ATHEM? TAYLOR SWIFT? BEST LOVE SONG? hope you like them!! Because this time it gets funky!!!!!!!!!!

Really!!! Anyway not the best songs or the weird knocking sound!! What's happening? What's with the knocking? Jake? Dan? Or Sam? Funky?!?!? Get in the grove

Created by: singin234

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  1. "what do you mean? The real world of magic" you ask. BLONDIE says "I am Dan really" brownie said his name was "Jake" and blackie name is Sam. "What happen?" you ask them. Elfs hide and fairys fly away. There frighten. Than a guy (by the way. When I say guy I mean I boy your age) with red hair and red eyes. Around his mouth was red blood. He walked over to you guys (or I mean people) Jake stayed with you and Dan and Sam were infront
  2. "Ha!! Really think you can stop me? Fools I am more powerful than you 3 put together! But ***, is more powerful than me" he said. Dan looked ticked "SO YOUR NOT GETTING HER" Dan yelled. This made the Elfs run away. He laughed "oh no! The Elfs ran away! Don't worry some of my friends can wach" he said. Dan looked back at you then turned around to see a army of 1000! You people gave up. Dan was grab Ed by a tall man with white hair. Jake was grab Ed by a person with black. And Sam was grabed by a man with a crown. He had red hair. They take you all back to a place
  3. It was black and tall. Your tossed into a room pitch black. You hear Dan fight with another guy he is saying "WHAT WE CAN'T LEAVE HER!!! ***" but Jake and Sam are too far away. Hear screams of pain. You sob your sceared and useless. Than you cry yourself asleep!!! You wake up in a diffrent room. It's still the evil place. The evil guy was sitting beside you. You jumped back. "HA HA HA HA HA HA don't be sceared I won't hurt you. I want you like the others" he says. You still slide back "name" you stammer. "oh ha my name is Kane" he tells you. "Why am I here?" you ask. "To be mine" Kane tells you bitterly. "NO" you yell jumping back. He gets a fire ball "this will knock you out sorry" he says. Than you make a fire ball two. Somehow!!!! wOw you think. You throw it at him and he falls to the ground. You fall too but soft hands cach you. But who is it
  4. Sam. You fall asleep on the way to there home. You hear little wings now and then. And big foot steps but little people. And sometimes you feel someone touching you hair. Then a light sleep goes into a big sleep. You wake up back in the room you were on the 1 time (in this quiz) with the window. You open you eyes the sun shines on you face as you lift you head. "what happened " you asked Dan. Who was sitting beside you. "do you all ways say that" he laughs. "no I think that" you reply. "feeling better " Dan asked. You nod and look out the window. "No way your going out there!" said Dan look at you face. You turn back to him and stare into his eyes
  5. He leans in this cOld lips on yours. He hands around you hugging you. You pull away and hug him. A tears runs down your face "why are you crying?" Dan asked. "I want to know. What happen to me?" you tell then (Sam and Jake just walked in) "you died and went to heaven." Jake told you. Then Sam told you "they found out you were magic. So they sent you here" the it was dans turn " you can't go back. You can only have good or bad" you stare at them and nod. They all leave you alone. Think about you fam
  6. You walk down and get some ice cream. After eating half a tub. It hits you did they say I wAs MAGIC?? You run to them and Jake said "it took you half a tub! NO FAIR IT TOOK ME 3 TUBS THE FIGUER IT OUT!!!" he yells. You laugh and face a smile.
  7. " Have art and mind reading So far." Dan tells you, "What do you mean by art" you ask. "SKILL!!!! It's so cool! Wait until I train you!" say Jake! "I am training you in mind reading
  8. said Dan. "Wow" you say. "When do i start?" you say looking a side glance a sam. "go up stairs i got to tell them something" says Sam. you nod ang go up to you room. the put some music
  9. let say you picked best love song. Jake comes up. "Hey. Best love song?" he asks. you nod. "Someone in love?" he asks again. "Hey" you say by throwing a pillow at him. You 2 bust out laughing. You must be so lould beause Dan came up. To see Jake on the floor hugging a pillow and you sitting on the bed. Both laughing. "What happened?" Dan asked. "NOTHING" you and jake say at the same time. then the next song comes on PARTY ROCK ANTHEM!! Jake gets up and stats shuffing (hope thats how you spell it) "You can shuff?" you ask he says yes
  10. "Skill" Dan says. "What?" you ask looking at Jake. Then Jake slips and Sam comes rushing up to see Jake on his back laying down. You still on the bed. And Dan just in the door. (all laughing) than Jake starts spinning on his back. "PUT YOUR HANDS UP TO THE SOUNd" the music said. Jake stars singing
  11. Then you turn the music off. And hear a knocking sound from your window. You look outside and scream

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