Mystery, Choices, Love...Part 1

Hi everyone. This is my second quiz ever on GoTo. Just wanted to start a series! Haha. Anyways, I really wanted to try because it looked fun, and its really was. And you don't have to read my second paragraph. Its a tribute that I'm gonna put on all my quizzes for my old boyfriend Jake who's in heaven.

R.I.P Jake. May your soul bless all of us, and let your soul be blessed as well. Your loved ones will never forget you, and you will never forget us. May the halo on your head bring spirit to our souls. We know you are looking down. Ill love you forever.

Created by: AlwaysR.I.PJake.LoveElla
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  1. You shake your head as you wake up to the Spongebob Song that plays as your ring to wake up. You giggle to yourself as he yells,"I'm a goofy goober..rock!" You push yourself groggily out of bed, and head to your closet. You search through your closet for an outfit, and grab black skinny jeans, red and white high tops,a white t shirt with a black sports vest on top. Finally, a black rose necklace that your old boyfriend, Jason, gave to you before he passed in a car accident.. Your parents aren't home, and you finish morning business. And get out to your bus stop when you see a freaked out boy run past you. You stare at him...and wonder..
  2. This is Justin. He has super black hair, very rare honey yellow eyes, and pale skin. He keeps running, and stops at another bus stop just as th school bus is pulling up. He gets on and sits. Turns out..that's your bus too. Its comes and picks you and a few other kids up. You sit alone and when a silky British accent is heard near by, You look away to see Alek, a tall boy with pale green eyes,pretty tan skin, and sandy brown hair. Hes talking about humanitarians with another boy, who seems less intrigued. The boy is barely looking at him, and you think you've seen the quiet boy before.
  3. The quiet boy is Ryan, and he has messy brown hair, and some of it covers his eyes. Hes got crystal green eyes, and olive skin. He is looking out of the window while falling asleep as Alek keeps rambling on and on. His eyes finally shut, and Alek stops talking. "I knew that would he work." He whispers.
  4. Ryans face is still on the window, his backpack next him. Hes snoring slightly, and sleeping really peacefully. You think everythings ok...until you see Alek take Ryans backpack and see him rummaging through it mumbling, "Where is it...come on...where?" You get confused and scratch your chin. He gets frustrated and sips the backpack up, placing it next to Ryan, who is still asleep. You watch him for the rest of the ride, but nothing else happens. So, it takes 15 more minutes and you finally get to school. Everyone, including Ryan, gets off. You all make your way to class, and you just realized you have first period biology together. You get to class a little late, and the only seat left is next to Ryan. So you sit.
  5. Ryan kind of smile to himself. But he focuses on the lesson. Later, When class is over, your walking out the door, and someone grabs your shoulder. You spin around to see Ryan. He blows some hair out of his eyes, and looks at you. His eyes stun you. They are beautiful in your point of view. You gape, and he tinily grins. He sees Alek approaching and gets agitated. He goes a bit bug eyed and runs off. Alek slowly follows, going unseen. Somethings up...
  6. You shake your head and walk off, thinking things over. You think the weirdness has gotten you messed up, but you walk into the music room almost silently, and see Justin. His back is to you, and hes sitting at the piano, playing and singing away. "Do you understand that darkness does nothing but ruin your soul. All you do is break the blackness, and bring in more eeevill. Yeah.." He stops and starts singing a new song, tears in his eyes. "Everyday, we sit and wait, for the news,that once again you aren't coming home. I try to be strong. I missed you for so long. Everytime you get a push it aside...and it breaks me everytime!!!" You feel yourself getting emotional, and you clap. He turns around, and you can see tears streaming down his cheeks. You look concerned, and sit down. What do you say...
  7. Lets say you said "You okay?" He gives you a sad look and shakes his head. "Why?" You ask. He says, "C-can I trust you?" You nod and he starts talking. "My parents are soldiers...well...were. When I was little, they stayed at the base for three years at a time, and then visited me for three weeks. I got some horrible news last night, and it was from the base, about my parents. They got killed in a plane crash.but nobody could find their bodies. How do you rest in peace if you don't even have a body to send to heaven?" His words make you want to cry. He gets very flustered as the rest of the class and the teacher walk in. He wipes his tears, and you see Alek has music now. Hmmm.
  8. That's all I have. I'm sorry....Its my first quiz series. And I'm tearing up because crashing and death and Jake...and aghast!
  9. Pie
  10. Bye.

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