Mystery/Unearthly love part 2

Here is the sequal to Mystery love. Find out what happenings to your love with the boy you got last time and have fun. Tell me if you want me to fix any thing.

I'm sorry if the grammer or words are wrong i'm doing this on my phone and it is kinda hard. Well have fun and also comment girls names for one of the boys sisters.

Created by: AliceStacia
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  1. As we move away from earth, it gets harder to breath. The over power of sadness comes over you.
  2. I just realized that the eight of us are the only ones left. All I could think about was my new sister. She hasn't even been named yet, but she was dead with the rest of human civilization.
  3. You look over to see six boys. The first one was comforting a small girl who looked like his sister.
  4. The second was reading.
  5. The third was crying like you have never seen someone cry.
  6. The fourth face had no emotion on it.
  7. The fith guy was just staring at you.
  8. The sixth was looking out of the space ships window. His look on his face said shocked.
  9. You look out the window and see a CLIFFHANGER. SORRY LOOK OUT FOR PART 3 . COMING OUT SOON.
  10. I want to change the title to Unearthly love. So tell me what you think and your results if you want.

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