Are You And Your Crush Meant To Be? (FOR GIRLS ONLY)

Do you have a crush? If so, take this quiz to find out if you two are really made for each other. Does he like you too? Does he dream about you day and night too? Find out in my quiz!

So, do you think so? You never know! Give your true feelings to your answers, you never know what may happen. There are lots of possible answers so you should have a good choice. So, it won't be long until you find out! Good luck! (By the way this is my first multi-result quiz and it isn't very accurate. Please take it anyway!)

Created by: Megzie
  1. Does your crush ever come over to you, even when you are having a conversation with friends?
  2. Does your crush ever ask you the same question like everyday?
  3. So if he does ask you a question, what does he ask?
  4. Has he ever said he wants to come to your house?
  5. Does you ever sit by each other in lessons?
  6. Does your crush like you and does he want to go out with you too?
  7. How old is your crush compared to you?
  8. Has he ever told you stuff when there is no one else around?
  9. Does he know everything about you?
  10. Out of these personalities, which of them do you and your crush both act like?
  11. This is the end of my quiz. How would you say goodbye if you were saying goodbye to your crush?

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Quiz topic: Am I And my Crush Meant To Be? (FOR GIRLS ONLY)