What is your crush's name?

This quiz is actually supposed to be called "Are you and your crush meant to be?" But, my friend messed up while typing it in...sorry! Anyway, I hope you enjoy this quiz because i put a lot of effort into it!

Do you think you and your crush are meant to be? If not you will find out in this quiz! If you know you and your crush are meant to be any way, now you can be certain! HAVE FUN TAKING THIS QUIZ!!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: amazon
  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What letter does your name start with?
  2. What do you find most attractive?
  3. How old is your crush?
  4. Your crush is...
  5. What gender is your crush?
  6. How often does your crush make you laugh?
  7. How often do you interact with your crush?
  8. What letter does your crush's name start with?
  9. Are you getting bored of this quiz yet?
  10. What group are you in?
  11. What group is your crush in?

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Quiz topic: What is my crush's name?