Does your crush like you back?

Many people are anxious to know if their crush likes them. By taking this 100% accurate quiz, you will know the real truth to whether your crush actually likes you.

Does your crush smile at you in the school halls or does he throw rocks at you? Thanks to this quiz, you will find out if your crush is head over heels for you or if he hates your guts. (For girls only!)

Created by: Kelsey
  1. How do you know your crush?
  2. Does he know who you are?
  3. Does he talk to you?
  4. Do you ever see him staring at you?
  5. What does he say when you see him?
  6. Did he ever touch you?
  7. Has he ever tried to make you laugh?
  8. Does he smell good around you?
  9. Does he ever show off in front of you?
  10. Has he asked for your number?
  11. Does he do things for you?
  12. Last question: Do you think he likes you?

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Quiz topic: Does my crush like you back?