Which character from Ib are you?

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Well, you've played Ib. And now, you want to know, who are you like? Ib is a horror game made by kouri in 2012. Many youtubers have played it online.

You could be Mary, Ib, Garry or even, an enemy! Who are you? With this quiz, you can throw back the covers of the mystery and find out quickly! Are you ready?

Created by: Mary *Not real*
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  1. You are transported into Ib. You walk into that gallery and...
  2. So, you get to the part where there are footsteps.
  3. Yay! Now you're in... What colour would your rose be?
  4. The rose is now in your pocket... The thorns seem to not harm you. Suddenly, you are chased... What do you do?
  5. You meet Garry... An unconscious man. Reaction?
  6. Garry awakes after you heal the Blue Rose. It must be his. Will you..?
  7. Do you speak spitnese? *poisonous spit*
  8. The crazy maze time... Well, ladies galore. *Goes into random room, looks in mirror, mannequin blocks exit*
  9. Let's skip to the toybox. You got the key, Garry survived, and now you exited with a Xed Marry. Well, you get to the dark gallery.
  10. You get to the painting, only to see your mom... Who will you go with?
  11. Last question: Your ending (If you chose Your mom last question, choose Ib All Alone. This does not affect your answer) Thanks for taking the quiz!!!

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Quiz topic: Which character from Ib am I?