Nox - The Game Quiz

This is a Quiz about Nox - about it's items, spells, skills, gameplay and history. For those who haven't played it and for those who has played it, good luck with the Quiz!

So how much do you know about Nox? This Quiz may give you a point, a some level of your knowledge, and that may give you interest or motivation to study and play Nox more deeply.

Created by: Damaskox
  1. Which one is the company who made Nox?
  2. What is the year when Nox was made?
  3. How many Player Classes are there?
  4. What is the player character's name?
  5. How many Gamemodes there are?
  6. Why did Nox go down?
  7. How many abilities does Nox contain?
  8. What is the plot of Nox?
  9. What is the Eye of a Wolf?
  10. What kind of a game Nox is?
  11. What is a scroll?
  12. What is a Bomber?
  13. What is the Player character's last name?
  14. Which one of the following is a Staff which appears in Nox?
  15. What is the Book of Knowledge?
  16. How does the Lightning Staff work in practise?
  17. What was the player character doing before he was catapulted in the world of Nox?
  18. What is the main color of Jack's shirt?
  19. Which of the following options is a feature in every Wizard's Robe?
  20. What kind of a beast is Beholder?
  21. What is the behavior of a overused item?
  22. How many Health Potions can you keep in your Inventory at the given time in the classic Arena gamemode?
  23. Which spell has an icon of a cross, and lines around it's corners and sides?
  24. What does the Skill Tread Lightly do?
  25. What is a Fire Knight?

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