command & conquer:generals

Hi there L4ZY here again this a game related quiz about a 2003 game called generals which is amazing by the way let's see how well you remember this game (if you've played it that is)

Its question about generals in general hehe no questions from the expansion command & conquer:generals zero hour. If your a strategy person I recommend you find this game and enjoy(the expansion way better though I'll make quiz bout that too)

Created by: L4ZYSN1P3R
  1. Righto let's start. What is the superweapon of china.
  2. True false. The GLA use power reactors to power there base
  3. GLA again. What are there standard infantry units calles?
  4. There are 3 main factions USA GLA CHINA which one has the commanche attack helli
  5. USA'S paladin tank is only availible after
  6. Name china's anti infantry tanks
  7. What is the starting amount on generals
  8. Name china's elite unit
  9. Follows on previous. What is chinas elite units'special ability
  10. What is the price of the superweapons
  11. Name USA'S base defence turret
  12. Give the name of China's jet fighter
  13. Which faction has proximty mines
  14. Which faction has proximty mines
  15. What is USA'S stealth unit
  16. What vehicle is used by china to collect resources
  17. Can you capture and enemy building
  18. Last question. Does the chinook have the ability to drop units directly into an enemy garrison

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