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CHARACTERS: DAVROS MILNER- blacksmith, husband to Gracekain and father to Quinnda, Stonys, Zannan, & Caratra. GRACEKAIN MILNER-secret blackwizard, twin sister of Cordove, wife to Davros, and mother to Quinnda, Stonys, Zannan, & Caratra. CORDOVE CHORSTER-captain, secret blackwizard, twin sister to Gracekain. SHADAK STEEL- half-human half-shadow dancer, 2nd in command soldier. QUINNDA MILNER-4th in command soldier, daughter to Davros & Gracekain, sister of Stonys, Zannan, & Caratra. STONYS MILNER-5th in command soldier, daughter of Davros & Gracekain, sister to Quinnda, Zannan, & Caratra. ZANNAN MILNER-3rd in command soldier, son of Davros & Gracekain, brother to Quinnda, Stonys, & Caratra. CARATRA MILNER-revenge fighter, daughter to Davros & Gracekain, sister to Quinnda, Stonys, & Zannan.

Thanks so much for reading my story. Find out which character you are. 😊 I hope you like it!!

Created by: Nonneyes
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  1. Hundreds of years ago fraternal twin baby girls were born. Their parents were blackwizards. The girls names were Cordove, who was older by 5 minutes, and Gracekain. At the age of 5 the girls were trained to do evil spells and make potions. By their 16th birthday they were master blackwizards, but they had to work as a team to make their spells strong enough. Gracekain fell in love with a mortal named Davros Milner. She decided to leave the black wizard colony and marry Davros, leaving her sister Cordove to be a weak blackwizard. Filled with anger Cordove knew she couldn't train anymore. She decided to become a soldier. She trained all the time until she worked up to captain (the highest ranking soldier.)
  2. Gracekain married Davros, a blacksmith. She never told him she was a blackwizard fearing he wouldn't want to be with her. She started weaving to make a little money. 4 years later they had a beautiful baby girl named Quinnda. Cordove heard about Quinnda's birth and decided to kidnap her and train her as a blackwizard and soldier. Cordove joined forces with a half-human half-shadow dancer named Shadak. He looked like a human but was immortal like a shadow dancer. He was also a 2nd in command soldier. Cordove and Shadak went up to Gracekain and Davros's door saying they needed Quinnda to train as a soldier. Gracekain didn't recognize her sister. They gave up Quinnda knowing they couldn't fight off the swords. Gracekain wanted to steal her back but Davros didn't want to take the risk of her getting hurt.
  3. When Quinnda was 3 years old Davros and Gracekain had another daughter named Stonys. Cordove heard about the birth of her and decided to kidnap her as well to train as a blackwizard and soldier. They took her without much problem since they had swords and Gracekain and Davros didn't. Quinnda and Stonys were trained and were very good soldiers but since they were only half blackwizard they weren't as powerful as Cordove had hoped. She needed just one more child to be a powerful blackwizard. She watched Davros and Gracekain closely waiting for another baby to be born. But 10 years later there was still no baby. She had no idea that Davros and Gracekain had 2 more children, a boy and a girl named Zannan and Caratra. Zannan was 9 and Caratra was 3. Gracekain had kept them hidden very well. Cordove couldn't wait any longer. She went up to their door and asked if they had any children.
  4. Davros recognized Cordove and Shadak and distracted them while Gracekain hid Zannan and Caratra. He told them that they had no children and that they should get off his property at once. Cordove saw that he was lying and went into the house to see for herself that they had no children. She looked and looked but found no children. Right before she left she heard a sneeze behind a shelf. She looked and there was a little 3 year old girl, Carata! Cordove didn't see Zannan who was hiding under a box. She grabbed Caratra and ran. Davros tried to stop Shadak while Gracekain chased after Cordove. Shadak had a sword and stabbed Davros. Gracekain couldn't catch Cordove and went home to take care of Davros, but it was too late. Having no one to stop her Gracekain made a plan to get Caratra back.
  5. Gracekain quietly snuck into the soldier camp while everyone was asleep. She got her kitchen knife and pride open the lock to the cage that Caratra was in. She took her back home to get Zannan then found a hiding place in an abandoned barn where they lived for the next 7 years. Zannan, who was now 16, decided he wanted to be a soldier. He trained really hard and became 3rd in command. Getting to meet Cordove and Shadak (who were captain and 2nd in command.) He didn't recognize Cordove or Shadak but Cordove could tell that he wasn't human. She asked him but he said he was human. Cordove tried to forget about it but she couldn't. She knew he wasn't human, at least full blood human. She asked who his parents were but he refused to tell her. She decided to follow him. She followed him to an old abandoned barn where she saw her sister, Gracekain, and Caratra. She ran back to the base camp where Shadak, Quinnda, and Stonys were sleeping. She woke them up with a loud shout and told them to follow her.
  6. She took them to the barn where they captured Gracekain and Caratra. Cordove grabbed Zannan and told him he had to make a decision whether to be on their side or his familly's side. If he chose his family's side he would be forced to go to prison with them. He decided to be on the soldiers side but he was making a plan in his head to free his mother and sister and take them far away so Cordove would never find them. They took them back to the base camp and locked Gracekain and Caratra in a big cage. Cordove told Stonys and Quinnda to watch them and keep an eye out on Zannan while she went to sleep. While she slept Quinnda and Stonys started talking to Gracekain. Gracekain looked closely at them. She noticed how much Stonys looked like her and Quinnda looked like Davros.
  7. Gracekain thought that there was no way that the two girls could be her daughters. She told them about how her daughters had been kidnapped and were trained as soldiers. She then asked them how old they were. Quinnda, who was now 20, and Stonys, who was 17, were the exact same age as her daughters would have been. She couldn't believe it, they were her daughters!! Quinnda and Stonys didn't know who's side to be on. They were raised by Cordove and she was one of their good friends, but this Gracekain woman was telling them she was their mother. They decided to wait until morning to make a decision. They all went to sleep. In the morning Cordove ordered Shadak to cut off Gracekain's head. Forcing little Caratra to watch he beheaded Gracekain then freed Caratra assuming she wouldn't be able to provide for herself and she would die.
  8. But Quinnda, Stonys, and Zannan took turns sneaking out to bring her food and water. Cordove, knowing now that Zannan was also half blackwizard decided to train him. He learned quickly and soon became powerful enough so that Cordove was once again a master blackwizard. For the next 6 years Quinnda and Stonys took turns teaching Caratra spells and how to make potions. She became very powerful. She was now 16. The 4 siblings decided to defeat Cordove knowing that she was evil. But they couldn't all try to defeat her. They thought it would be too suspicious. They thought Cordove would catch on and kill them. Quinnda remembered a spell that Cordove had taught her long ago. It was a spell were you could drain another blackwizards powers and take them for yourself. She overheard Cordove tell Shadak that she was going to use that spell on Quinnda, Stonys, and Zannan.
  9. Quinnda wrote down the spell and gave it to Caratra. She told Caratra to use the spell on her and take her powers to defeat Cordove even though she knew it would kill her. Carata did the spell and stayed with her sister until she died. She could feel her powers getting stronger. She went and found Stonys telling her about the spell and asked if she could do it on her. Stonys reluctantly agreed. When Caratra had finished the spell on Stonys she moved on to find Zannan.
  10. CLIFFHANGER!!! I'm sorry!! I haven't written the rest yet but I hope you liked what I have so far!! Thanks for reading Stepping Away. Hopefully I will get the 2nd part done soon!!
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