Which Whodunit Suspect are You? Part II

Many suspects have played Whodunit! Possibly you... Maybe you've just watched the show and compared how you would play! It's time to find out which Whodunit suspect you are most like...

8 different players from the first 3 seasons have been selected. Each of them played the game differently. Take the quiz to find who your strategy matches the most!

Created by: Cody
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  1. The game begins and your fellow suspects are revealed... What do you think about them?
  2. You have your dossier, inside is valuable, personal information about yourself that everyone else wants. You...
  3. Socially, how will I play the game?
  4. What type of mission would I excell at the most?
  5. What do I look for to uncover the Killer's true identity?
  6. I have Safehouse... How do I determine who I Mark for Death?
  7. It's time for the Elimination. I...
  8. I am the Killer's next victim and have just been eliminated from the game. I...
  9. What was my motivation for competing in Whodunit?
  10. I'm eyeing somebody's dossier they're not paying attention to...
  11. During downtime between missions, deaths, and twists, I'm...

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Quiz topic: Which Whodunit Suspect am I? Part II