How much do you know about Candlepin Bowling?

There are many people who bowl, but few who ever master it. Take me for example: I'm a good bowler, averaging around 115, but I'm not one of the greats of the game. Only a very few people have the ability to combine the knowledge, physical attributes, and grace needed to be a true great in the game of Candlepin Bowling!

So, How much do you *know* about Candlepin Bowling? If you've ever played it, you've likely been bitten by the bug, and have wanted to better understand this quirky variant of America's most played sport! So, if you think you know a lot about Candlepin Bowling, take a few minutes and test your wits. There's tough stuff and easy stuff in here, and it's all in good clean fun - just like at the lanes! Have fun!

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What is the "Hi-Low-Jack"?
When one piece of wood balances on top of another
When only the 1, 7, and 10 pins are standing
When only the 4 and 6 pins are standing
What you use to change a tire
Who was the inventor of Candlepin Bowling?
Dan Murphy
Justin White
Jack Monsey
Archie Walsh
In candlepin bowling, a strike is recorded when you:
Get all of the pins down on three balls
Get all of the pins down on one ball
Get all of the pins down on two balls
Throw the ball over the plate above the hitter's knees, but below the letters
Which bowler held the record for the highest single string rolled on WCVB's Candlepin Bowling show?
Paul Berger
Tom Olszta
Ed Czernicki
Jim Barber
What was the score for the string rolled in Question #6?
What is the current sanctioned World Record for the highest single string ever rolled?
What is a sleeper?
A boring match
A pin hiding behind another
A pin lying on the deck
A tough shot
What is a "plank"?
A piece of "live" wood
A piece of "dead" wood
A part of the lane
The foul line
The dead wood line is how far from the head pin?
two feet, zero inches
two feet, three inches
one foot, six inches
one foot, nine inches
If a right-handed bowler rolls a ball that breaks from right to left, it is called:
a slider
a spinner
a hook
a fade
The spread eagle is:
When the 2-3-4-7-9 and 10 pins are left
When the 2-3-4-6-7 and 10 pins are left
When the 2-3-7-8-9 and 10 pins are left
When the bowler falls and lands in a split position
Which of these houses once was the home of Channel 5's Candlepin Bowling show?
Kenmore Bowladrome
Needham Bowlaway
Boylston Bowladrome
Allston Bowladrome
Which pair of guys were former hosts of Candlepin Stars & Strikes?
Dave & Dan
Phil & Don
Jim & Don
Doug & Dan
Which of the following movies, which were filmed in Boston, had a scene where the actors were candlepin bowling?
Good Will Hunting
Next Stop, Wonderland
Which bowler holds the three-string record on WCVB's Candlepin Bowling show?
Tom Olszta
Jim Barber
Gary Carrington
Paul Berger
What the record-setting three string total for Question #17?
Which TV station aired "Bay State Bowling"?
Channel 5
Channel 7
Channel 25
Channel 27
When Channel 7 aired "Candlepins for Cash", where were their bowling lanes located?
Sammy White's Brighton Bowl
Fairway Sports World
Pilgrim Lanes
In a section of the Channel 7 parking garage
What is the lightest legal weight for a candlepin bowling ball?
2 pounds
2 pounds, 4 ounces
2 pounds, 7 ounces
no limit
Which two people were former hosts of Candlepin Stars & Strikes?
Dave & Jim
Mike & Dick
Bob & Dave
Jim & Don
When a bowler is able to convert a split, it is called:
a slide shot
a knock shot
a cut shot
a dribbler
If you were to leave the 4-5-7 and 8 pins, it would be called:
a half-Worcester
a tail
a double pinochle
a diamond
The Lily is:
The 1-5-7 and 10 pins
The 1-7 and 10 pins
The 5-7 and 10 pins
The 4-6-7 and 10 pins
Older bowling alleys have the ball returns on the outside of a pair of lanes because:
It was considered "classy" to have your own ball rack
it made it easier for the pinboys to reset the pins
most buildings at the time needed them
bowler back then had too many personal balls for one rack
Which of the following states has candlepin bowling?
If a bowler rolls a ball and an object falls out of the bowler's pocket and lands on the lane beyond the foul line, the ruling is:
The bowlers fouls and loses the pins
The bowler fouls and the box must be re-rolled
The bowler does not foul, but the box must be re-rolled after the object has been removed from the lane
The bowler does not foul, play resumes after the object has been removed from the lane
Who were the first hosts of the $30,000 Candlepin Challenge?
Doug & Dan
Phil & Don
Phil & Dan
John & Dan
Which of the following houses once was the home lanes for WCVB's Candlepin Bowling Show?
Allston Bowladrome
Sammy White's Brighton Bowl
Brian's Bowlaway
20th Century Lanes

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