Which "The Last of Us" character are you?

This is a quiz about a PS3 game called The Last of Us. There are numerous characters within the game, but I have narrowed it down to six characters...

Take the quiz and see which character you are most like. It is highly recommended that you only take this quiz if you have played the actual game as there are spoilers.

Created by: Justin
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  1. Do you know what caused the zombie apocalypse?
  2. You're in a room with hunters in it. What do you do?
  3. You enter a room with 3 melee weapons in it. An axe, a pipe, and a bat. Which do you take?
  4. Who are the Fireflies?
  5. What's your favorite quote from these options.
  6. You are faced with 2 bloaters. How do you take them out?
  7. Pick one.
  8. Your partner has been bitten. What now?
  9. Do you own any firearms?
  10. Who do you care for the most?
  11. What genre of music do you enjoy the most?
  12. What do you look like?

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Quiz topic: Which "The Last of Us" character am I?