Is She Into You (Girls Only)

I once questioned myself if this girl that I strongly liked had a crush on me. I was in the same position you are in right now, I wanted to know if there was a possible chance for someone to actually LIKE me.

I made this quiz so others won’t have to question themselves on whether or not someone likes them back. I want to give you the help that I needed when I was in your position. I hope this quiz helps you.

Created by: Ava

  1. Does she go out of her way to make you happy when you’re sad?
  2. Has she said anything about her sexuality?
  3. Do you catch her frequently staring at you
  4. Imagine you and her are at a party together as friends. What would she do next?
  5. Are you guys close?
  6. Do you like her back? Keep in mind that this plays a major role in your relationship with her.
  7. Imagine that you and her are in a room alone. What is her next move?
  8. Does she get nervous when talking to you?
  9. Does she seem to be into you?
  10. Does she try to impress you?

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