do you realy know your crush

Do you know your crush like the back of you hand or are they a strager to you? Do they know you at all find out when you take this quiz if they do and if you know them real well.

All you need to do to find out is to take this quiz, It will only take a few minets. what you need: You computer brain crush and a few minets Thanks to this quiz you will find out how well you know your crush!

Created by: Ashstone

  1. Do you and your crush ever talk?
  2. Do you know their name?
  3. Do they have a crush on someone else?
  4. Do you know your crush well?
  5. Do you ask them things?
  6. If they play an insterment do you know what it is?
  7. do you know their favorite type of music?
  8. How many siblings do they have if any do you know if they do
  9. do they like you very well?
  10. Four qestions left okay. do you know when there b-day is?
  11. Do they have pets?
  12. do they know you?
  13. *******Last qeston!!!******* Do you think you know your crush like the back of you hand?

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Quiz topic: Do I realy know my crush