Does Your Crush Like You Back??

Think your crush likes you? Many people have had there heart broken because they've told their crush that they like them and got turned down. Don't be one of those people! Take this quiz and find out if your crush likes you!!

Okay...I was bored and I wanted to make a quiz but couldnt think of a good topic so I just did this..I know there's like a million of these quizes but I dont care...please take the quiz!

Created by: Ellen

  1. Do you ever see him staring at you?
  2. If you catch him staring, what happens?
  3. How often do you talk?
  4. When you talk what does he do?
  5. Do you go to the same school as him?
  6. How often does he call/text?
  7. Does he have a girlfriend?
  8. Do any of your friends like him?
  9. Do you think he's hot?
  10. Do you think he likes you?

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Quiz topic: Does my Crush Like You Back??