Does he really like you?

Have you ever wanted to know if your secret crush likes you? well now you can! this quiz will give you a few hings to think about and observe about your chus. who knows, he might be mister right so dont miss tis oportunity!

DOES HE LIKE YOU? that question may be in your head right now and this quiz will help you find the answers you need. answer all of these qusions clearly and take your tme answering them and you can find out if he realy does like you!

Created by: hannah

  1. How long hve you known him?
  2. when you see each other he...
  3. Who starts the conversation?
  4. do any of his friends like you?
  5. do you hang out with him?
  6. Where do you hang out if anywhere?
  7. what happens when you hang out?
  8. before he leaves what does he do?
  9. does he ask you personal or general questions?
  10. other info?(pick one)

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