Does He Have A Secret Crush On Me?

So, you've got your eye on this guy but you're not really sure of what he thinks of you? Take this quiz to find out! GOOD LUCK!You like him, but he has loads of girl mates and isn't exactly open about his feelings. Take this quiz to see if he does in fact have a secret crush on you!

We can drive ourselves crazy wondering if someone likes us or not. Mixed signals, moments of magic, and then nothing - it's enough to keep someone up at night! Take this quiz to find out if he likes you.

Created by: lovebae
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  1. You pass him in the street or in the hallway at school. He's with a group of friends, what does he do?
  2. Do you talk about other guys with him?
  3. True or false:you have a lot of mutual friends?
  4. You're upset about something and you text him. What does he do?
  5. Dos he ever go out of his way to see you, for example outside of school/work or however you know one another?
  6. Have you ever been out with one of his friends?
  7. Have you heard he has a crush on somebody else?
  8. When you pass by his/her friends, they...
  9. Does your Crush like you?
  10. You run into your crush in the hallway,church,or mall as you walk past him, he:
  11. When you're talking to your crush, he:

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