Does someone like you?

Hey! You! Yes, you! Can you take this test you find your crush's feelings? Most of the people don't freaking care about these thingamajig, but you came here!

Do you REALLY have to take this quiz? YES, OF COURSE!! Now find your secret through your crush's mind...Well find out now!! It cannot be accurate, but give it a shot!

Created by: ChcknDogYT

  1. Do you catch him/her poking or touching you?
  2. Does he/she joke around you playfully?
  3. Does he/she talk to you often?
  4. Does he/she stare at you often?
  5. Does he/she blush, fidget, straighten their clothes when talking to you?
  6. Does he/she stalk you on social media?
  7. Does she/he want to be your buddies on a project(s)?
  8. Do they think you're cute?
  9. Should you get married to them?
  10. Do you think they REALLY REALLY like you?

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