Does he really care about you?

Guys are so unpredictable at times,does he walk around the house and doesn't speak to you, do you feel that he's losing feelings for you. Are you losing feelings for him, because of his behavior?

Do you think that he cares about you? Do you have the urge to really find out if he does? Until now you can only question yourself on his feelings for you. Well your wait is over, In just a few minutes you will find out!

Created by: Cassandra

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  1. Does he talk to his friends/family about you?
  2. Are y'all intimate with each other ex: kissing, saying I love you all the time, hugging etc?
  3. If/when you have sex with him he...
  4. He loves the way you...
  5. I love it when he...
  6. I hate it when he...
  7. Do you think that he cares about you like he says he does?
  8. In the mornings, he...
  9. Do you feel like you're single in this relationship?
  10. Does he get jealous when you talk/text other dudes? or if you have male friends?
  11. When y'all are together on a Saturday night y'all...
  12. Has he ever begged you to not move on?
  13. how often does he say "I love you"?
  14. Has he ever hit/slapped you? where?
  15. Does he give you money?
  16. Does he like/eat your cooking?
  17. Does he act weird when his friends are around?
  18. Last but not least, does his family/mother like/love you?

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