What care Suits you life

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Where are three different types of care, this quiz will give you a basis of what care would suit you. This is a rough example of what the different types of care offer

Though care can be confusing this website will help by answering any questions you might have in an easy to understand way. If you have any questions please leave them on our forum page

Created by: Carers united
  1. How often a day do you require assistance?
  2. Do you use a hoist or other equipment that requires more then one carer to assist you?
  3. How many hours sleep do you achieve without requiring assistance?
  4. How important is being able to go down the shops or on outings when you want rather then waiting for the carers to become available?
  5. Have you got a good support group, such as family or friends?
  6. How mobile are you?
  7. What assistance do you need with you personal care?
  8. Do you take regular medication?
  9. How important is it to have people around you of your own age?
  10. Do you require a special diet?

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