Chaotic Cat Care, Carrie-Style

Lots of people *think* they know a lot about cats. They may even be able to look after their cat's day-to-day needs ... but would they know what to do in an emergency?

Here's your chance to test your knowledge of the basics. This quiz is not an authority on cat care, but it will help you to establish just how knowledgeable and responsible you are.

Created by: Carrie
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  1. Your cat is hunched over, and she is wheezing whilst her stomach convulses. What do you do?
  2. Your cat keeps shaking her head from side to side, and/or pawing at her ear. What is most likely to cause this?
  3. Your female cat is alternately raising her rear in the air, and licking at her 'privates'. What is the most likely cause?
  4. A cat needs to be confined (both for her safety, and the safety of surrounding wildlife). Which of the following is a good way of confining your cat?
  5. Cats like milk and cheese, but they are naturally lactose intolerant. How can you allow you allow them to safely enjoy this treat?
  6. Your usually aloof cat has suddenly become extremely attentive, and has also become very vocal. You haven't noticed any change in her eating or energy. Should you consult a vet?
  7. You have just introduced a new cat into the family, and your old cat isn't too happy about it. What's the best way to help them work it out?
  8. What is a good age to spay/neuter your cat?
  9. My male cat seems agitated and touchy. He's never been neutered. What could be causing this?
  10. My usually rotund cat has recently lost a lot of weight, but he hasn't been on a diet. Should I be worried?
  11. My cat is off her food. She's not pregnant, it's not too hot or too cold, and she's showing no other signs of illness. Should I take her to the vet?
  12. My cute little kitten grew up into an fat, lazy tom. What should I do?
  13. How many cats should I keep?
  14. I want a cat, but I don't want to clean up too much mess. i just want a companion I can cuddle and love. What breed is best for me?

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