Do YOU Have Good Style in Clothes?

What is this thing called style? Well, style has several definitions. Style is a manner of expression in language or a characteristic manner of expression, design, etc. In any art, period and so on. And to narrow down these definitions, style is fashion.

Do YOU really have style in clothes? Do you have the willingness to express yourself with clothes? Until now you could only wonder. But thanks to this stylin' quiz, in just a few minutes you will find out!

Created by: Sonjaya
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  1. Which outfit/top/bottom/footwear/accessory do you prefer?
  2. What hair style do you think is best for ANY outfit?
  3. What shirt would you wear out on a regular basis. Be honest! If not, you'll always know the guilt you drag behind you for lying!
  4. What bottoms would you wear? You know, maybe outside, to a party, to a club, just anywhere.
  5. What do usually wear out on a date and if you can't get a date or just don't have one what would you wear out on a date?
  6. Which shoes? Trust me, shoes are very important and they are essential if you wanna look good. Translation: Essential-Necessary?
  7. Which accessory do you like best?
  8. Do you really care how you look around other people or do you care about personalities?
  9. !! EXTRA QUESTION!! How do you approach a guy/boyfriend/guy-friend/New Person?
  10. !!! BONUS!!! If you have all plain colorful shirts in your closet, all jeans, and all tennishoes what does that tell people on their 1st impression? Well, at least what do you think?

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Quiz topic: Do I Have Good Style in Clothes?