How well do you dress?

Clothes, clothes, clothes. Everyone, it seems, is obsessed with clothes. Good clothes, bad clothes, in-between clothes, thin clothes, fat clothes, the list goes on, and on, and on. Everyone has wondered at least once how their clothes are doing compared to the rest. Are they better? Worse? Well, here's your chance to find out.

With this quiz, it takes only a minute or two to fill out 13 questions and find out how your clothes measure up. I wish you luck and hope that your clothes make the good list.

Created by: Kassie
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  1. Bright green Crocs with Thomas the Tank Engine jibbits
  2. Flowy tops
  3. Dirty cloth body wraps
  4. Junk Food shirts
  5. Dark jeans
  6. Dressing all in one color
  7. Bricks with holes (as shoes)
  8. Rhinestones on skirts
  9. Popped collars
  10. Wet towels as pants!
  11. Silver ballet flats

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Quiz topic: How well do I dress?