Do you got some FASHION!!!!

There are are girls that only wear high heels because it makes their butt bigger but ya wear em cause they are cute or you like how they look then good job!

Do you have that great fashion sence to earn you a 100? take this quiz and see if you only dress to impress or if you dress to rest.If you care about your weight,but don't be obsessed.

Created by: your mamma
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  1. do you think an "icon" on a shirt is important??
  2. Are brand names the only thing you wear?? (hollister, american eagle) or, are most of your clothes brands??
  3. OMG shoes??
  4. pants
  5. how do you wear your hair??????
  6. are you obsessed bout your weight and how you look?
  7. how many body peircings do you have?? (not ear peircings)
  8. do you dress to impress?? or do you just dress your style??
  9. is eeyore awesome??
  10. wut size bra r u

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Quiz topic: Do I got some FASHION!!!!