Hogwarts Part Five

Woah "” now feelings are REALLY coming out! Warning: this quiz may result in a change of mind as of to who you like. LOL, seriously! Some of these feelings... Man!

Anyways, see who you get as your result! Neville and Ron don't make many appearances, but please don't hate me! I promise to put them in the next one!

Created by: HogwartsLove

  1. Oliver had to leave the next day, very early. You didn't even get to see him leave. That day, however, was the picking of the contestants for the Triwizard Tournament, which you had heard about at the beginning of the school year. You sat by Harry and Ron in the Great Hall, waiting to hear who's name would be taken out of the Goblet of Fire. You were waiting to hear who would be chosen for your house. The others were called, and for each name you absent-mindedly clapped. Then you heard Dumbledore say, "And playing for the Gryffindor house..." You perked up. He looked at the name with a confused expression. Everyone looked at each other. "Harry Potter..." "What?!" Ron cried. "He isn't old enough to play!" As the teachers talked over it, Ron leaned towards the table to look over at Harry who was on the other side of you."You just can't stand not to be the little saint, can you?!" he cried. "I didn't put my name in there, Ron!" Harry yelled back. "Yeah right! You always have to be the star of everything!" "Ron, you little-" "BOYS!" you screamed. Everyone looked at you. "Boys... Quit fighting!" They stopped and everyone else continued talking, but Ron and Harry still glared at each other. 
  2. A few days later, the first challenge is announced. Everyone gasps, stunned, as Dumbledore says in his sing-song voice, "Steal the Golden Egg from a dragon." You look over at Harry. He appears frozen. "Hmp," says Ron, "teach you to be more careful." You elbow him. "That's your best friend!" you hiss. He laughs and shakes his head. 
  3. That day, after Defense Against the Dark Arts, you run into Draco. "Hey, I'm really sorry," he says. "About what?" you ask, curious. You look at him, confused. "About Potter," he replies. "Harry? What about him?" "The challenge "” with a dragon." "You feel sorry for Harry?" you ask, doubtful. "Well, indirectly. As soon as you stop fancying him, THEN I can wish stuff like that to happen to him. But, for now, it would hurt you for that to happen, so I'll have to wait." He laughs, but you stop walking. He looks back then turns to you. You breath hard and your eyes look around. "You honestly care..." you whisper. He looks at you, but when you look up he quickly looks to the side. "I didn't know I could, but... Yeah... Yeah, I do... Eh hum... Well, we best be off to class, then..." 
  4. The day of the challenge arrives. You sit in the bleachers, Draco to your right, frustrated Ron and Neville to your left, Ron nearest you. You watch, nervous, as Harry enters the stadium. When the dragon, quite into the challenge, breaks loose (everyone gasps), you bite your lip and close your eyes tight. You don't know, but Draco notices. Then he turns back to watch Harry, then back at you. You hear him whisper under his breath, "Dear Merlin, freaking love is crazy." He stands and you watch as he disappears. "Ron, where's he going?" you ask. He looks at you, disgust on his face. "You CARE where he's going?" "Man, Ron, loosen up; Harry COULDN'T have put his name in there. He obviously didn't MEAN to be entered." Suddenly Harry's Firebolt flies in, looking as if it had been thrown, and everyone claps as Harry mounts it and goes off. Minutes later, Draco arrives. "Draco, you missed it! Harry's Firebolt came; he's safe!" you cry as he sits down. He looks at your excited face, and smiles, though it looks painful. "Great, great..." he says, watching as you look joyfully around for Harry. "Great..."
  5. You begin applauding as Harry comes back. Draco smiles as he watches you and starts clapping, too. Then he realizes what he's doing and looks around, uncomfortable. He looks back at you as you continue clapping as Harry holds up the Golden Egg. You look to your right only to see that's he's gotten up and left. Your clapping slows and finally stops as you look around. "Draco?" "Are you serious?" sighs Ron. You ignore him and run out of the stadium. "Draco!" you cry, walking around the castle, which was supposedly empty. You look around corners, and suddenly see Harry "” kissing another girl. Your heart breaks, and you run to the staircase where you sit and cover your face as you begin crying again. You're so frustrated; Oliver's gone, and Harry's kissed another girl. You take in another shaky breath. Suddenly an arm wraps around you, you look up "” and it's Draco. "Harry, an-and another girl... It h-hurts..." you say, putting your head against his shoulder. He squeezes you. "Trust me..." he says quietly, putting his chin on your head, "I completely understand."
  6. "Wait here," he says after you've calmed down a little. He stands and as he is at the corner you notice him take out his wand. You follow him quietly and stop as he turns another corner and approaches Harry. "YOU MADE HER CRY, YOU LITTLE-" Malfoy starts, but Harry says a spell. "Finite Incantatem!" Draco says, stopping the spell. "SHE SAW YOU!" Harry is breathing heavily. "You know what..." Draco drops his wand and walks towards Harry. "Putting her through the kind of pain I've been suffering through," Draco laughs, shaking his head, "now that's just too much." Harry starts to say something, but Draco punches him. "Now that," he says with a snarl, "is what I call keeping a promise." He leaves Harry with regret and remorse "” and, to your slight delight, a bloody nose. As he turns the corner he jumps as you hug him, tears of regret in your eyes. He slowly and awkwardly hugs you back. You pull your head back from his chest. He looks confused at your crying again. "Wh-what's wrong?" You laugh, but tears are still coming down. "I've spent my time with everyone but you." He smiles and sighs happily. You put your head back against his chest and he puts his chin on your head.
  7. The next day you can tell Harry is trying to approach you. You don't ignore him, when he asks you something not related to yesterday you answer, but you avoid him when you can tell what he wants to talk about. At lunch you don't even sit near him. You get a letter, that night, from Oliver... "________, I've heard of the Triwizard Tournament. I hope you're enjoying it, and I hope I can see you soon. Miss you, Oliver." You can't help but feel torn. All of these guys... 
  8. Quite a few weeks pass, and Oliver comes to visit. You two are talking on another Hogsmeade trip. "So, how's life?" you ask as the two of you walk together. "Lonely," he laughs. "Honestly, I think about you every second of the day." "Do you, now?" you smile. "I mean it. Honest. Ask our captain, he's had to snap at me plenty of times." You laugh. "I'm flattered, really, I am." "I honestly think," he says, "that you don't quite understand how great it feels just simply hanging out with you." "Oh, I do. I hang out with myself all the time, it's great," you laugh, and he joins you. "Seriously, it is. You're just nice to be with. It makes it so easy, just thinking about that day." "Thinking about what for what day?" you ask, confused. "Well, three years seems such a small price to pay for such a great young lady." You flush with color. "You act like I'm perfect," you laugh again. "No one is," he smiles, "but some couples are. And anyways, you're even better than Quittich. That's saying something for someone who's devoted their life to it!" 
  9. "Hey, look..." he says, turning towards you. "I know I'm asking a lot... I mean, three years... If you find you like someone else... It's okay. I don't want to pressure you, just enjoy your fourth year. The future can wait. Okay? If you like someone else, it's not your fault. At all. Nor is it their's." You nod painfully and swallow your sadness. "But you must promise me," he says, "that they'll respect you. Whoever it is." You take a breath and nod. "Good. Now let's enjoy the rest of the day."
  10. Hey, thank you guys SO much for your support, and a special thanks to natuleegayle (yeah, the one with the AMAZING quizzes) for just totally make my heart swell when I read her comments! Thank ALL of you, though, for commenting, it means more than you can imagine! Sneak Peek: "Look, I'm sorry! But we aren't even dating!" he yelled. "I know..." you said quietly. "But what if I liked you?" "We-well... What if I like you?" he asked back. "I'm sorry to say that I just can't. Too much is going on..." "I understand..." "Do you? Do you really know how it feels to look at someone you like with someone else?" you cry. He looks at you. "Yes... Yes, I do... And I felt that hurt last weekend..." "What are you talking about?" "You and Oliver..." he said quietly. "That," he said, "that's what hurts." You looked down. "I can't deal with this right now..."

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