Does he like you back? Proven accurate

He might like you, he might not. If you have a crush on him, you are probably DYING to know if he has the same feelings for you or not. Some people have trouble reading signs of when he likes you or not.... continue reading.....

Does he like you? You probably REALLY want to know. Until know you could only imagine. But thanks to this quiz, you will able to really know if he has a crush on you or not! Good luck!

Created by: albino girl

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Ok. How long have you liked this guy?
  2. Have you two ever...
  3. When he talks to you, does he....
  4. Where does he look when he sees you?
  5. How often do you two see each other?
  6. Has he ever made romantic jokes to you or about you to his friends?
  7. Does he make excuses to look, talk, or hang out with you?
  8. If he was to rate you, how high to you think you would be? (1 being worst, 10 best)
  9. How many years older is he than you?
  10. Does he compliment you? (say you are pretty, congratulate you on your achievements)
  11. Good luck, my friends! Please rate and comment so you can tell us about YOUR experience. Bye!!!
  12. Last question: Do you think he likes you? BE REALISTIC PLEASE

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