Does He Like You? What Does He Think About You?

Wondering if the man that you recently discovered you have feelings for likes you? This is the quiz where you can discover if both of you are in that place.

Whether he wants to hit that next level. If the guy you like has started showing signs that he's very much so interested. Find out if its meant to be without reading too deep into it or driving yourself crazy wondering.

Created by: Kendall
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. How long have you two known each other?
  2. Does he talk to you?
  3. Does he have any pet names for you?
  4. Does he ask you questions about yourself out of nowhere?
  5. Have you met any of his friends or relatives?
  6. Is he single?
  7. Does he find ways to touch you? (Hugs, grabs your waist, brush your hands, touch your hair, etc.)
  8. Can you picture yourself waking up next to him in the morning?
  9. How is he around other girls?
  10. Has he asked you out anywhere?
  11. Have you guys gotten physical?
  12. How often do you two communicate?
  13. Has he asked you out in any way?
  14. Do you find him on your mind often?
  15. Does he get quiet/ nervous around you?
  16. Have you used any pet names with him? How does he react?
  17. Do you have one another's number? What is the name on your contact?
  18. Final: What is his personality towards you?

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