So many loves, one of you... Part 1

You have moved to a new place and a new school! But you have encountered many things here at the school in only two days, along with an old friend, confident sports player and someone who wants to lay you! Rawr!

After meeting theese 3 charecters, you can decide who to date and see where the story waves you... The dates will be unique and fun, with a scent of dirt in the air, if you know what I mean...

Created by: Leia

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  1. It's your first day at heaven high acadamy, because you've just moved to that area, but you woke up late!
  2. You're finaly at school and you see your childhood friend, Andy! He is a boy who was friends with you since forever! He has blonde hair and freckles, and seems to have started working out, he looks at you and says "Hey! It's Jackie, long time, no see!
  3. After two long math lessons, it's break time, you walk up to Andy and he has a friend with him, he introduces you to Jack, a tall guy with black hair and ripped jeans, with a basket ball in his arm.
  4. It's now lunch time and you sit with Andy and Jack, but before can sit on your seat, a guy with a white tuxedo and flowing blonde hair stops you and wipes off the breadcrums off of the seat, then lends you his number, wispers "call me" and saunters away. You sit down and ask them who that was and they tell you that it was Ben, a rich boy who has had 3 detentions since he started his yeargroup/grade.
  5. It's the end of the day and Jack runs up to you. He offers to walk you home, and you say yes, on the way, he insistes on taking the long way round, and stops in the dark allyway... What do you say?
  6. Jack leans close and presses his lips against yours. What do you do?
  7. It's the next day and you wake up, thinking about what happened yesterday. But soon enough, you snap out of it, and get ready for school.
  8. On your way to school, you meet Andy, who has a bracelet for you. "Here, for old time's sake!" He says and puts it on you. At school, you have to go to different classes, so Andy leans close to your cheek, but shivers a bit and runs off, redder that an apple.
  9. In class, you see Ben, tapping the seat next to him, beckoning you over, you sit next to him and he asks your name. You tell him your name and you begin working, as the class goes on, you find that he is getting closer and closer to you...
  10. At the end of class, Ben askes you to skip class with him tomorrow, and you said to think about it, at the basket ball feild, Andy and Jack are playing basket ball and you watch them play.
  11. At the end, when Andy had gone, Jack asked you to come to his basket ball match tomorow, after school. You'll take it under consideration is what you told him.
  12. At the end of the day, Andy asks you to come to his house tommorow and sleep over, you told him that you would think about it... Then you realized that you had to choose from 3 guys!
  13. Okay, I'll leave you to decide your guy! You can choose between the dates, they are called "So many loves, one of you... part 2, date with Andy" or "Ben" or "Jack"

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