Our little Secret part 4

Hello everyone and fans. Azy's here with a writtten part 4, I hope you guys enjoy this part much as I enjoyed writing it. Please read the result to see the Question Of The Day! Also comment and rate. Enjoy! :)

Characters ^-^ : Nathan has brown spicy hair, Hazel beautifull eyes, Cute laugh, And loves to eat! :D Jayden has jet black wavy hair, Pine green eyes, Sexy smile, Loves to draw and is Nathan's friend..

Created by: AZY
  1. I smiled and sat down on my couch, How I love my couch. I soon passed out with a smile on my face. "Goodnight" My dad whispered to me. My dream was coming to me *Everything was black with hints of white lights, empty room and very quiet. "Hello?" I yelled just to hear my echo. I looked around the room and saw nathan with jayden "Guys!" I yelled out of excitement, they didn't turn around. I walked over to them and they just dissapered leaving nothing but white fog.*(Dream ended.) I jolted up from my couch
  2. and saw the whole living room dark and quiet, I got up and walked upstairs to my room. I turned my door knob and got in, I closed my door and sat on the edge of my bed. "Stupid dumb dream" I mumbled as I stood up, I felt a breeze in my room and realised my window was open. I put my head out the window but saw no one. I closed my window but then felt a hand on my waist and the other on my mouth. I couldn't scream "Shh..it's me jayden" I heard it say. I took his hand off my mouth and turned around to look at
  3. a smirking Jayden. "What the hell are you doing here?" I asked with my eyes widened. I saw him laugh and say "I was bored at home and nathan can't play with me so I came here" I stared at him, he looked good. "You checking me out?" He asked grinning. I felt my cheeks turn hot from embaresment but thank god my room was dark. "Why would I? Your not even cute" I said. He lifted up one eyebrow and he smiled. "Hmm, sure about that?" He asked taking a step towards me. I laughed "Duh.." I said. He was now infront
  4. of me and I felt nervous, He was so damb hot. I soon felt my body get carried, I let out a little scream and looked at jayden who was smiling. He looked down at my lips then at my eyes, he started leaning in. I felt his sweet soft lips on mine, When I didn't kiss back he kissed me harder. I then kissed back just to be pinned on the wall, His abs were pressed up against my stomach and it felt good. He had his hands on my lower back to keep me from falling, I had my hands around his soft neck feeling his....
  5. collar bone, It was so sexy. This moment was wrong but I was also kissing back, Nathan is going to hate me for this. I soon pulled away to catch my breath and Jayden layed his forehead on mine. He was breathing hard. "That's why I came here, I didn't want to do this with Nathan" He said showing his killer smiler. I laughed "You should of, I would of loved to see" I whispered. He carried me over to my bed and layed me down, "I'm not like that." He said laying next to me. This moment felt nice.
  6. I turned by body to see him, He looked at me. "Nathan's going to kill me for doing that with you" I mumbled. He poked my cheek making me smile. "He won't because i'll be there, plus I have an offer" He said. "What is it?" I asked "Keep it between me and you, Our little Secret?" He asked taking his pinkie in mine. "Our little secret" I said smiling. He kissed my cheek.
  7. I just layed there with jayden for a while, he made me smile. I then felt my phone vibrate from my pocket, I looked at the caller Id and saw it was...Nathan. "It's Nathan" I whispered to Jayden. He looked at me. I answered it. "Hello?" I said. "Hey baby, What are you doing?" Nathan asked through the phone. "Umm..just laying down" I said. Jayden was sitting next to me. "I was wondering if you'll like to come over tommorow to see a movie at my house?" He asked and I smiled "I'll love to" I answered.
  8. "Okay, bye Aaliah. I love you" Nathan said. I paused for a moment ".. I love you too" I said hanging up. Jayden looked at me with a questioning look "You love him?" He asked. I nodded. He layed on my bed again. "Are you going to stay here?" I asked "No..I have to go home, I didn't tell anyone I was leaving" He said opening my window. I stood up with him and walked to the window as he was getting out. "Bye Aaliah" He said kissing my lips, He left and I closed my window.
  9. "Why is he so sweet?" I asked myself as I layed on my bed. I couldn't really think so I was day dreaming about random stuff. I layed my head on my fluffy pillow and closed my eyes.
  10. My dream was full of splattered paint, dancing unicorns, and a box of lucky charms. It soon ended with me eating a chocolate fudge pop.

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