I Know Your Secret pt.18

Welcome to part eighteen of I Know Your Secret. Three months. I took thress months releasing this and I apologize. Life gets busy. I'm sorry if your brainwashed and if you are, please skim through the some parts so you can get the story line. :P

RECAP: It's your last night in California and y'all are attending Chance's party. Flake sum up the plan and you learned that Sol was the stonekeeper before you. Avery heard the plan and went off to tell the others, leaving you and Flake alone. He suddenly picks up a rare topic to talk about: love. And he tells you that he loves Starry. Enjoy!

Created by: rvelez
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  1. My eyes never left his. In fact, he shifted them at the ground, looking away. "Uh, does she know?" I asked. Flake shook his head. "No."
  2. I smiled. "When are you going to tell her?" Flake chuckled. "Hm, maybe after this whole thing is over, then I'll take that shot." I nodded. "Yeah. Once this is over, I'm going to party." Flake laughed. "Okay. Hey, do you think I can stay with ya'll for a while?" I nodded quickly. "I'm sure Avery wouldn't mind." Flake smiled. "Cool." There was a light knock on the door. "Um, _____?" Artie muttered. Flake cleared his throat. "See ya." A white glow suddenly took over and he was no longer there. "_____?" Artie repeated. I sighed and walked over, openning the door. "Yes, Artie?" "Um, so are you ready?" His grey eyes bounced on mine then back down. They were more different... maybe less mysterious. "Yeah." I whispered.
  3. Artie motioned me to follow him, and I did. I was slowly walking behind him, staring at the back of his head. I didn't realize he stopped until I bumped into him making both of us losing balance but regaining it quickly. His grey eyes stared into mine. "Watch where you're going." He warned. I nodded, feeling like he's upset or angry but why? He lead me to a bright yellow room where everybody was waiting. "Hey ____!" Avery smiled. I waved back, not wanting to speak.
  4. I took a seat by Mars, who was drawing. "Hey, _____." he smiled. I smiled back but it faded away as soon as I found Artie staring at me. He shot his eyes at Charmy and sat by her. I sighed and Avery cleared his throat. "Okay, we don't have much time so we must head there quickly before Sterling can." Aaron stood up. "He's already there." "Woah! Why can't we teleport there? Why can't we all just get this over with?" Artie muttered. Charmy patted his back as he buried his head in his hands. "Teleporting there is a bad idea." Lars pointed out. "And why is that?" Mars asked. "Because they have some force feild. It can cause some damage." Remy replied. Artie groaned.
  5. Avery motioned us to get up and we all walked outside. The cold wind smacked my skin hard, making me shiver. I suddenly felt heat warm up my body, no longer feeling cold.
  6. I realized Avery was holding my hand. "A jacket would help a lot." He whispered taking off his jacket. I grabbed it and put it on, feeling the warmth. "Better?" he asked. I nodded. "Thanks."
  7. "Okay, y'all know what to do." Avery said. Mars groaned, "I don't like this." Artie spread his wings quickly and took off, without a word. "Meet you at Chance's headquaters." Aaron said. Lars and him took off, their wings were both stunning colors.
  8. The others took off in different directions. They got everything planned out but it seems like I was the only that had no ides what's going on. Dale cleared his throat, making me look up at him. His eyes were filled with cold, worry and sleepiness.
  9. "You're coming with us, Dale." Avery added before Dale opened his mouth. Dale nodded, "But how do we get there? I can't fly or.." Avery shook his head. "We'll just hop in Canada's car. I'm sure she wouldn't mind." Dale sighed, nodding once again. We followed Avery and Canada's car made me feel...uncomfortable.
  10. I felt a chill run down my spine as I got in the passenger's seat. Dale got in the back and Avery behind the wheel. I put on my seatbelt and leaned my head on the window. It was freezing cold but sleep was going to run me down. "____, you can't sleep. Not now. Try to be alert." Avery said, gently tapping me on the shoulder. I sat up straight and looked down, tirely.
  11. "Can she at least sleep on the way there?" Dale asked, sternly. Avery turned around, staring at Dale. "Hold on tight."
  12. Avery step on the gas pedel and off we went, speeding. I saw Dale hold on tight, struggling to put on his belt at the same time. I couldn't help but laugh to myself. Avery dodge a sharp left turn and practically all the other cars honk their horns or stopped, trying not to get hit. "Slow down.. Avery." I stuttered, scared. He turned the wheel, completing another sharp turn by a house exploding with music. He quickly hit the brake making me almost hit the dashboard. I've never seen Avery like this and he seems kinda... Off.
  13. "We're here." He muttered. Dale unbuckled himself and got out quickly, slamming the door. Avery chuckled and got out as well, followed by me. I closed the door and we head inside a building. Lights of different colors flash out the windows and laughing and wild screaming echo in my head. The building was wide but quite tall. The gates openned and there stood a tall guy with a suit. He greeted us and gestured us to walk in. We came in and I was greeted by a flying freesbe. It hit my cheek, making me stumble down. Dale helped me up. "Are you okay?" I nodded weakly, rubbing my cheek while Avery ran up to the guy who threw it.
  14. "Stay close." Dale, whispered, hugging me. I hugged him back and Avery came back, his eyes burning in flames. "We have to find Chance." "Woah! What about the plan?!" Dale argued, getting frustrated. Avery crossed his arms. "I'm doing some changes." "And if THAT don't work?!" Avery shot him a glare. "Keep your voice down."
  15. I spotted a man staring at us from the top balcony. His green eyes were glued on us and I suddenly got the feeling again. The same feeling I had way back when Cole, Lillian and I attended that party.
  16. He disappeared in thin air right before my eyes. I blinked a couple times but he wasn't there. Or I must be losing my mind tonight.
  17. *Artie's POV* I landed on the roof, perfectly. "Damn.." I cursed as I noticed that the flat roof was see through glass. "What's up with houses built with glass?" I shook my head and walked back over to the edge so no one inside would see me. I lifted my foot, about to break in but a deep laugh stopped me. I glanced up and saw a man on the roof as well. I stretched my wings out and felt my fangs pop out.

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