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  • RVELEZ :D now I feel all motivated to update my stories XD glad to have you update, but I can't believe how weird it is that I see 3 GTQ writers I know but haven't seen on the new list in a while on the same day :o xbox360fan, singin234, and you. This was a good get-back part, and it sets up the suspense for WHAT'S HAPPENING NEXT? I need to know ~ if Artie's going to kick Sterling's butt or something I need to know ~

    On that note, why is Artie mad? If anything, I should still be the mad one, not slapping Canada when she kissed him *grumbles* Definitely did NOT trust sitting on the seat of Canada's car if you know what I mean :p but I guess at least it wasn't the backseat XD Though, what was up with Avery? O.O crazy driver, amg.... he's still cool with me though ^.^ part 19 ~

  • Yay! Artie is goanna be more involved in the next part! Awesuhm ^.^ You should write a part where you get to fly with him cause it would be amazing XD Jus' saying. I'm watching out for the next part, this one was perfect to set up a plot, I can't wait to see it unravel! :D

  • @xxblutixx: That's right. I need to read the next part of DLMH! I'm running a bit slow and today was the day when writers come baxk :D. About Artie, well there's going to be a lot of him in the next part and Avery is just stressed out. :P

  • just started reading and I can't stop. so awesome

  • AAAAAAAAAA AAAAHHHHH! You're back I'm so happy! I missed this series so much! Better late than never though!

    Just yesterday I was thinking "remember I know your secret?" and then I went on GTQ and saw this on the 'Newest quizzes' list!

    Sorry about the 'AAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAHHHHHH' (or however many A's I had,) I'm just happy.

  • @mrtokolover14: Thanks! Glad you like it. :)

  • It's a quiz series, like a book.

  • Wtf is this


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