Broken...Part 4

Hey guys soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo sorry it took so long. I've just been so busy yeah the last few months have been TOTALLY busy! And I kinda had a severe case of writer's block. ANywho I hope you looooove it!! And part5 will be coming soon...I hope!

Hey guys um I'm working on the forbidden as well and I just want to thank you all for your encouraging comments even if no one reads this. If you read it well then congratulations! You won a chance to be famous...nt really I'm sorry I lied. But stay tuned and you'll get more quizzes love you all!

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  1. I gulped and managed to get out two little syllables. "J-Justin?" Daniel released me. They both looked extremely different. Their eyes were swirling with reds, blues and indigo. They were both bare back and it was only then I realized how ripped they both were. Justin's eyes were filled with anger but Daniel was completely calm. Daniel glanced at Justin and took my hand, pulling me back. Justin stiffened, and clenched his fists.
  2. "I told you to stay in the classroom." Justin hissed. I was silent. He wasn't talking to me like the Justin i knew. It wasn't playful. It wasn't fun. He wasn't teasing or taunting. He was..angry. Angry like I'd never seen before. I slipped my hand out of Daniel's grasp and stepped forward. Justin took a step back. Then Daniel seemed angry. "Justin, calm down. You wouldn't dare hurt her." Daniel said, as if my best friend wasn't about to rip his head off.
  3. "Daniel-" Justin started but Daniel cut him off. "Hughes, you're going to hurt yourself. Calm down or you'll phase up. Nothing hurt her and she wasn't in any..immediate danger. If you don't relax, though, she will be."he paused, examining me. I was pretty shaken. Justin was steaming mad and I just remembered that Daniel had confessed he was a VAMPIRE!? What the heck? I blinked. "She I guess I'll just-" "Daniel wait-" That was all I heard before I collapsed on the ground and the world went black.
  4. I woke up later, and the world was a blur. Black spots kept appearing and vanishing, blocking my vision and confusing the crap out of me. I could just make out a very attractive blonde and two sad, depressing green eyes that were all too familiar. It made my head hurt. Finally, my view cleared up and I bit my lip. The face was clearer now, and I immediately wished I was still unconscious. It was Luke. Luke, my ex boyfriend. Luke who broke up with me for who knows what. Luke, the only other guy that had managed to make me smile. Luke, who I thought I'd never see again.
  5. He glanced over at me and I looked away. "Y-You're up." He mumbled. I nodded, and hearing his voice made my heart sink. My body went numb and his gaze fell as he noticed my distress. It was only then I realized how much I had really missed him. I fought back the tears and got up. "Is...what are you doing here?"I asked him. "I-I'm one of them..." he said slowly. I sat back down. Justin walked in and practically suffocated me in a bear hug. "Violet! Are you okay? Are you hurt?" he bombarded me with questions and I waved him off. "I'm fine." He glanced at Luke who looked away.
  6. He sensed the awkwardness between us and pulled me towards the door. "You should um..get something to eat..or something." He cleared his throat and stared at me. The tension in the room was a bit much for him. I walked out of the room, not wanting to hear anything else. The house I was in was massive! I walked down the steps, counting each one as I went. "32..3-" "Hey." I bumped into someone. I looked up to see Jared. You've got to be kidding me. "You too?" I mumbled. He nodded. "So what are you gonna do, suck my blood or maul me?" I sighed. The one guy besides Luke I ever kiss and he has to be some magical creature. He chuckled as he guided me to the kitchen.
  7. I sat down next to Justin, across from Luke(unfortunately). Daniel was at the head and Jared was next to Luke. There was a silence that lasted throughout almost the entire meal. I was so wrapped up in my thoughts about what was happening. What was Justin, and the rest of them? How long had they known? Is that why Luke and I broke up? As I thought of Luke, I looked up to find him staring at me. Immediately, it was like he was filling my mind with memories(not good ones) of us. I was on the verge of breaking down and he knew it. "Justin-" Justin understood instantly."Daniel I-" "Luke.." At the sound of his name he asked to be excused. I look down, letting my shoulders drop.
  8. Everyone left, except for Justin and I. "H-How long did you know?" I asked him. "About 2 months.."He looked at me and I looked down. "Look I'm sorry I didn't tell you. What the hell was I supposed to say, Vi? Oh Btw, I'm a werewolf?" He took my hands in his. Werewolf ..they exist."Why am I here?" I asked him. "Because you're in this now. And you're scent is a lot stronger than normal. So people like us sort of..want you." Want me? What did that mean? "You should get some sleep. You'll use Daniel's room."
  9. *time skip* I was in Daniel's room and he was sitting on a chair, staring at me.I could 't sleep. I didn't know if he knew I was awake. He seemed far away right now. The sheets were hot, as they were black silk. Probably because he was all dead and freezing and stuff. Must be hard.."You have no idea.." I looked up, startled by his voice. "Violet, I'm telling you now, it is extremely hard and if you know what's good for you, you'll stay away." he got up and closed the door behind him.
  10. It was around 1:00 when I started hearing yelling. The arguing. The voices belonged to Daniel and Luke. I could hear fists pounding on desk, and I could imagine one of them slamming their hands down enraged. I got up and crept down the steps and I saw them practically screaming their heads off in the kitchen. "You don't understand! If she finds out that she and I are-" "Luke it doesn't matter-" "It does matter! You can't treat her like her feelings don't matter cause they matter like hell!" "You think I don't know that!? Violet is-" "Daniel, I don't care what you say. I'm not telling her! I wouldn't hurt her like that!" "Then why'd you break her heart Luke?" "You know exactly why! You were actually part of-" "Don't bring that crap!" I cleared my throat and they turned around, shocked.
  11. "Violet..I thought you were asleep..." Luke said slowly. Daniel frowned and stormed off into the living room. Luke sighed, frustrated at himself. "It's nothing...just..never mind." he spoke softly, gave me one last glance and then disappeared out the door. I hesitated before following him out. He stomped(yes actually stomp..age..) through the entire front garden and through a forest and through a park and when he stopped on the sidewalk I was kind of relieved.
  12. "Tell me what?" my voice shook and it took me a while to get it steady, for some reason. He didn't respond or turn around. Instead he shook his head and started the street to the other side. I hurried forward and grabbed his hand, pulling him back. His skin was warm in my grasp. A familiar warmth I had missed. "Luke, tell me what?" I repeated. "You wouldn't understand." he muttered. "Then make me understand! Why are you being so difficult!?" He responded, but I don't remember what he said. Maybe the lights were too similar to the ones I had seen six weeks before. Maybe it was just the shock of it happening again. Maybe it was the fact that i had seen Luke again. But i didn't move, I couldn't. And it was dark, it was night. There weren't any streetlights. Which is why when the car was racing down the slightly damp street, it didn't stop.

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