Your Broken Heart

My new quiz seris yYour Broken Heart. You play as a girl named Bethany who's boyfriend cheated on her and is torn between him and two others it does have a happy ending

You live in a normal town and have a normal life except for your love life. Your boyfriend dumped you for a goth girl, your crush is torn between you and someone else and your new boyfriend is the worst guy ever you don't know what to do until now

Created by: dreamer12

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  1. You name is Bethany, you have wavy dark brown hair and brown eyes
  2. Your boyfriend has Blonde hair and glowing green eyes he's musclear and loves girls
  3. You and Ryan your boyfriend get home from a date out of the blue he says you've been dating Diego the hot guy at school you say you have'nt but he says you have he says it's time to break up you slam the door to your house as you walk in as your taking your shoes off you hear him call some one and say "Yeah We broke up I love you we can be together now bye"
  4. The next day is Sat. and you see Ryan outside your house kissing another girl you can't bare to look and head to the park to cry a hand taps your shoulder and you turn around the most gorgeus guy ever comes "Hey Buetiful I'm Cody" he says in a clean clear voice "I'm Bethany" "What's wrong" you tell him everything and he has a flirty look in his eye "Don't cry Hoti get some fun on k" you smile
  5. BTW he has Dark Brown hair in the Justin Bieber style (old) and blue eyes he's tall and handsome
  6. You feel better after talking to Cody and go along to bump into Logon the jerk at school who nobody likes he asks you out
  7. He has black hair in a bad cut and acnee on his face he's short and has a shirt with a skull on it
  8. This is called your Broken heart so be prepared for the worst
  9. Your a girl right
  10. BYE GIRL

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