In The End - Part 2

Welcome to part twoo! Sorry that it too actual soooo long :( school and moving house aren't good, but here it is now anyways :} Again, sorry that there is so much writing :/ was kinda hard to keep it down haha. I'll get more into the story next time I swear. Come back for part two, and if you haven't done part one, do it now!

Alex- Kinda short, tanned, dark brown eyes, almost black, black hair with blonde bits at the front and back, covers some of his forehead. Loves dancing. He's the father figure of the group. Dion - Average height, very pale, green eyes that seem to shine, but covered over with dark brown hair. Shy, emo, doesn't talk much, but loves to draw and play guitar. Often find him listening to music. Jake - Tall, muscly, tanned, ocean blue eyes, with messy, dirty blonde coloured hair. Outgoing, loves hugs, plays almost all sports, but dislikes BMX and skateboarding. He and Keifer are best friends. Keifer - Average height, pale, but not as pale as Dion, purple/blue eyes, they change colour :) messy blonde hair. He's the smart one of the group, you'll often find him with his head in a book.

Created by: kaciie

  1. You get to the bottom of the stairs and freeze in shock, there's glass on the floor, with some blood on it. You gasp, and wonder who's been hurt. Keifer notices that your there and he quickly walks over to you. "______, are you alright? Sorry you had to see this." He says sheepishly *No pun intended, I swear :P* "Yeah, I'm fine.. What happened?" You ask. Keifer looks around, then his eyes come to rest on you, you see that today his eye's aren't changing colour, there a dull blue, like the sky before the sun sets. "Well, we were going to surprise you this morning, with your birthday and all... but Dion suddenly got angry at something Jake thought, he threw some glasses at him and then Jake tackled him into the glass. Alex broke it up before it could get worse.." Keifer seemed angry at something, but said nothing more. "Are any of them hurt?" You ask. "Not badly, there's a few injury's, but they'll be better before there... dates today." He smiles, it doesn't quiet reach his eyes though, they still don't change colour. Alex walks out from a room that doesn't look as bright, or white as the other rooms. He smiles as he sees you there. "______, are you ready for our date? I have a present for you too!" He takes your hand and leads you to the door. "Have her back before 11." Keifer mutters before your completely out the door. "Okay, are you ready for some amazing as dances?" Alex smiles while holding the car door open, it's a mustang, (Me: Yippee!) you get into the car. He then gets in and you drive off, towards the bigger part of town. You've never seen this town before in your life, you must be far away from home. How do you feel about the date?
  2. You reach the theatre, Alex's goal. You get out the car and Alex takes your hand and you walk into the theatre. He gives the tickets to the person at the counter, but instead of taking you through the normal entrance, he takes you to the private entrance. As you walk through the door you notice that's he's booked box office seats! Your ecstatic about this and you quickly sit down without a sound because the show is about to start. You sit there in awe for two hours, all the dancers are amazing! The only thing keeping you from standing up and cheering and dancing around with them is Alex's hand in yours. After the dancing finishes you clap and walk out the theatre. You speak before Alex can even get a word in. "That was absolutely amazing! I wish I could dance like that! You have to take me back again! How long are they in town for?" You keep blabbing on into you notice that Alex has sat you on a park bench across the road from the theatre. "_____? I have something for you..." He trails off and gets a necklace out of his pocket. It's a heart with rubies around the outside. He puts it on you. "It looks beautiful on you." He smiles at you and takes your hand. Your thinking?
  3. He drives you home and Keifer is waiting. His eyes light up when he sees you and smiles, he's happy now. "_____, Dion and Jake are better now, there both really sorry about this morning." He smiles and takes your hand from Alex. Alex glowers at him, but it doesn't unsettle Keifer's mood. He walks you out the door and instead of taking the mustang; you walk down the path towards town. "The museum isn't far, I thought we could walk instead." He smiles at you. "Yeah, that sounds good, I like walking." You say, there's an awkward silence, and the Keifer asks "Did you get that necklace from Alex?" You look at the necklace and start playing with it. "Yeah, he did." You say. "Oh... I have a gift for you too, is that okay?" He looks unsure. "Yeah, that's fine." He smiles again and pulls out a box. You open it, it's a diamond ring. Your shocked, "Are you proposing?" He laughs, "Of course not! What made you think that?" He laughs again. "Well it is a diamond ring..." You say. He just shakes his head, still laughing. You put the ring on your finger, it fits perfectly. You walk in silence for a bit, you're enjoying it, the town you're in is actually really nice. How do you feel about the date so far?
  4. You make it to the museum, and you start to walk around, occasionally talking about the art or what your family life was like. After about an hour, you make it back to the entrance. (Which you exit from too? Haha.) "______, we still have an hour left, do you want to go get some lunch?" Keifer asks. "Yeah, sure, that sounds nice." You reply. He takes you to a little café down the road, it's very romantic with candles on the tables and red roses in the vases. He sits you down and you both order a ham and pineapple pizza. (Or vegetarian pizza if you don't eat meat.) As your waiting you start talking about your date with Alex. "The dances where amazing! Wish I could dance like that." You say. "Look _____, did Alex kiss you?" Keifer asks, you stare at him in shock for a moment. "Um... No he didn't?" You reply confused. "Oh, that's okay then, the guys made a deal that we can't kiss you today..." Keifer says, clearing up your confusion. You eat your pizza in silence and walk home in silence. Keifer still holds your hand though, the one with the diamond ring on it. You pull your hand free and look at the ring closely. It shines in the light, "Thank you so much for the ring, it's beautiful." You say. "No problem" Keifer smiles, his eye's changing colour still. You make it home and just before you go inside the house he hugs you tightly, "I had a good time _____, thanks for coming." He smiles again. When Jake hears that your home he sprints to the door and opens it. "______! Ready for our date?" Jake picks you up into a massive bear hug, squishing you into his muscles. He takes you to the car and puts you down in your seat. He goes around to the other side and gets in, turns the car on a drives out of the driveway, back towards town again. How do you feel about this date?
  5. You arrive at the football stadium (Oh by the way, when I say football I mean AFL, which is Australian, so I'm sorry if you don't understand what's going on :P) He takes your hand and lead you up to the clerk, she takes your tickets and smiles at you politely. Jake takes you up to the corporate box and sits you down right in front of the window. He smiles at you and keeps hold of your hand. "So ______, are you having a good time?" He asks. "Yeah, I am, it's been heaps of fun." You smile at him, his happiness is addictive! "Oh that's good... Oh hey! I have a present for you!" He reaches into his jeans pocket and fishes out a bracelet, what's with these guys and jewellery? It's a really pretty though, with diamonds and rubies on it. You put it on and it fits perfectly, of course. "Thank you, it's really pretty, it must have been expensive." You look at the bracelet in the light, it shines back at you. "Oh, yeah, it was, but that doesn't matter. Did you get that ring from Keifer? Gosh, he hell wanted to upstage me, remind me to punch him when we get home. Oh look! The games starting." He turns his attention to that game. You hadn't gotten a word in since he started talking; you laugh quietly to yourself and start to watch the game too. After the game you walk home again, reminding Jake that he wanted to punch Keifer. He chuckles darkly and sneaks into the house. Dion sees you and before you can take a step into the house he has your hand in his and is leading you back towards the car. Before you get in there's a loud ow and cursing from upstairs. You hear Dion laughing, it's the first time you've heard him laugh, it's a nice sound. He gets into the car and drives away from town, there's an awkward silence. How do you feel about this date?
  6. "Sooo, do you know who were going to see?" Dion asks, not looking at you, just looking at the road ahead. "Um.. No I don't, I was hoping you could tell me." You say. He laughs quietly, it almost makes you join in. "Well, I hope you like Escape the Fate, coz that's who where going to see." He smiles at you, his green eye's shining, even though the sun has gone down. (I picked Escape the Fate because it's my favourite band, but if you don't like them, just pretend it's some other band :P) You drive for about an hour, before arriving at the Stadium, he gets out and walks around to the other side and opens the door for you, smiling politely. You walk in silence again, and then before you can stop yourself, you take his hand in yours. He looks at you slightly confused, but makes no attempt to take it away from you. You go in, and have a great time, singing along to all the songs, and screaming at the band, and then at the end, Dion takes you backstage to met the band. You stay with the band for a bit then Dion reminds you that you better get home before the other guys get nervous. He takes you back to the car, this time though, he takes your hand. Just as your about to arrive home, Dion pulls out a small package. "Um, I got this for you, I hope you don't mind..." He smiles at you. You take the package and open it, it's a small Purple IPod. "I added some of my songs too it to, I hope you don't mind." He smiles again. "No, it's fantastic, thank you!" You manage to say. He smiles at your reaction, your thinking that at least one guy didn't buy me jewellery. How do you feel about this date?
  7. You arrive home soon afterwards and Dion walks you towards the front of the house, you notice that you where gone for 4 hours, and it about 9 at night. Before going inside, Dion stops you. "______, thanks for coming with me. I hope you enjoyed it."He smiles at you, it's a beautiful smile yet it still does not seem to reach his eyes. Before you can say anything back the front door to the house opens, spilling light all through the front yard. Jake is the one at the door. "______! Your hoooome! Hurry up and come inside, we made you a birthday cake!" He smiles brightly at you and then rushes back to the kitchen. You start to walk towards the front door but Dion grabs your arm to stop you. "Heey, um... Can I talk to you tonight... later on? In the music room." He looks at you seriously, you nod in agreement and then both join the other boys in the kitchen. What are you thinking?
  8. The boys have made you a massive big chocolate cake, which you all share around while talking about all the presents you where given and what you did on your dates, Dion had been quiet since you went through the front door and Alex seems concerned. Alex excuses himself and asks Dion to join him. They disappear into the music room to talk. Keifer, who is sitting beside you snorts, "Must be serious, they went into the sound proof room so I can't hear them" He looks towards Jake. Jake shrugs his shoulders and continues to eat the cake; he must have eaten at least half of it by now! Alex and Dion soon return, both their eyes seem to be fixed on you. Alex is the first to look away, but Dion sits back down and is still staring at you, it's starting to creep you out. Alex puts the cake away, after arguing with Jake about it, who obviously wanted more. Keifer suddenly looks at you and smiles. "_____, I found this book that you might like to read, it's pretty good, and it's about cats." He hands over a book titled "Cats". You resist the urge to burst out laughing and thank him. What are you thinking?
  9. After cleaning up, Alex, Jake and Keifer all head upstairs for some rest, but Dion is still sitting there, staring at you. "Dion... Um... What's going on?" He continues to stare at you, not saying a word. After about two minutes, you shift uncomfortably in your chair, at which point Dion stands up, takes your hand and leads you to the music room. He sits you down on one of the chairs within the room and starts to play a song. It's a beautiful song, which he obviously dedicated to you. You sit there in awe for awhile, before the song ends. He looks towards you. You're thinking?
  10. After finishing the song Dion sits stays seating look very uncomfortable. "Did you make that song for me" You ask him. "Yeah I did..." He starts looking even more uncomfortable. "Thank you" You smile at him, but he continues to look at the floor, he must be embarrassed. You shift slightly in your seat, starting to feel uncomfortable. You start playing with the necklace Alex got you. "It's nice that the boy's got you expensive gifts. I don't know why I didn't think of jewellery." He growled to himself. What are you thinking about now?
  11. Dion gets up and moves over to where you sitting. He sits down in the seat a few down from yours, he looks at you again, stares until it feels like he's trying to burn a hole into your skull. "Dion... What are you trying to do?" He looks at you for a little longer before answering. "You're mind is hard to read, it's like I'm looking through a dirty windscreen." He looks away from you. "Is it like that with everyone?" You ask. "Some people, yes, but after awhile I can usually read them as well as everyone else. He looks at you again "I do get some of your thoughts though, not personal ones, just random, strange one." He smiles, it still fails to reach his eyes. He gets up and starts tuning his guitar, you watch him for awhile, thinking what?
  12. You listen to Dion play for awhile until you hear you stomach grumble. You excuse yourself from the music room to go get some food, where you find Alex, Jake and Keifer all standing around the kitchen bench. You stay hidden behind the wall, even though they probably have already heard you, and listen in. "Look we can't all have her" you hear one of them hiss. "Well it looks like Dion's already made a move on her" someone else hisses. "Guys, calm down, I doubt Dion would do that, we need to handle this in a mature way" someone else says. "We should have never protected her, everything would have been alright without her." The first voice hisses again. "What, so we should have let her die?" the second voice yelling out, alarmed. "No, I didn't mean it like that..." The first voice yells back. What are you thinking?
  13. There's a moment of silence before another argument erupts, this time they seem to be yelling about the past or something that happened in the past. Their voice become quieter and you realise they must have moved in to the backyard. You follow them slowly before finding a place you can hear parts of their conversation "... it happened last time...." "...she was different..." "...never should have trusted you to..." you lean against something near you, but it gives way and something crashes down around you, all three guys come running, and when they arrive to you, they look very angry...
  14. Part three will be out soooooooooon! Sorry about SOOOHOO much writing, I just thought it was good for the story. I'll get into the main story soon, promise :} who floats your boat anyways?

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