Does YOUR crush likes you?

Are you a girl? Do you like someone? DOES HE LIKE YOU?. Take this quiz to find out if your crush truly likes you for you and will never give you up for another girl.

GIRLS ! Listen up, does the guy of your dreams like you or does he just pretend. Will he care for you with all his heart or give you up for a smart girl that he sees. TAKE THIS QUIZ TO FIND OUT !

Created by: crushplaner
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  1. Does your crush knows your name?
  2. Does your crush knows other information about you like your phone number, house address, etc?
  3. Does your crush ever smile when he sees you?
  4. Does he has a girlfriend?
  5. Does he ever sit beside you in any occasion even when other seats around are empty?
  6. What kind of a person are you?
  7. What kind of a person is your crush?
  8. Does he flirt with girls?
  9. Is he an inappropriate or appropriate person?
  10. Does he look you in the eyes when talking to you?
  11. Whenever he talks to you, does he start a conversation or you do?
  12. Does he trust you?
  13. Do you think he likes you?
  14. If you are playing any kind of game with someone, would he join in?
  15. If you got a cut on your hand or arm and no one is around to help except your crush, what would he do?
  16. Does he look at you when you are wearing something decent and normal that is not attracting?
  17. Does he respect your personal space or will touch,hug and kiss you without your permission.

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Quiz topic: Does my crush likes you?