Does he like you?

Have you ever thought that your crush liked you but you were not really sure. Take this test and you'll find if your crush maybe likes you or not. Hope this helps.

Do you really think your crush likes you or is it in your head.In this test you'll find out if your crush likes you or not! So take this test and find out!

Created by: Brandon

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  1. Have you ever had a boyfriend?
  2. Does a guy/boyfriend/dream boy ever stare look at you a lot?
  3. Does he talk to you?
  4. Have you ever gone out?
  5. have you ever dreamt about him?
  6. do you act dumb around him?
  7. has he ever told you a secret?
  8. do you stare at him in class?
  9. would you marry him?
  10. do you have the same interests?
  11. what's his favorite sport out of the following?
  12. do you show off in front of him?
  13. has he ever spread a roumer about you or your friends?
  14. Have you came up with a dumb exsuce to talk to him?

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