Does he like me? 0.0

We all take these quizzes to have a guess at whether your crush really does like you. But they aren't very detailed, so how do you know how accurate they are? You don't. No quiz will ever guarantee you the truth, but if you want a better idea, why not try this one?

Hey, it's worth a try! So why not? I hope it helps, I struggle with this question all the time! So this is my way of making the answer easier to find. Ok, thanks! Good luck :)

Created by: Amalia
  1. So, where did it all start? Not that it matters and it won't affect anything, I'm just curious :D
  2. So how long have you guys known each other then? XD
  3. So, tell me about his looks! ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_
  4. And what does he actually look like? ^ω^
  5. So what do you look like in comparison?
  6. So... Ever touched? ( Í¡° ʖ Í¡°)
  7. How often do you find him close or touching you?
  8. Does he sit near you? It doesn't matter whether you're out, at school, in an office, etc...
  9. How often do you guys talk? Even if it's only a simple 'hi', how often does it occur?
  10. So what lengths ARE your conversations?
  11. So what is he like around you?
  12. What is he like around the other girls if it was just him with you and your friends?
  13. What is he like with other girls in general?
  14. Does he stare at you?
  15. What does he do when you catch him staring?
  16. How far out of his way does he go to talk to you?
  17. Does he know you like him?
  18. What would he do if you randomly hugged him?
  19. What would he say if you asked him why HE randomly hugged YOU?
  20. Do your friends know you like him?
  21. What do they think of you two?
  22. Do his friends know you like him?
  23. Do his friends tease you both about it?
  24. Does he flirt?
  25. Does he say you should date his friends?
  26. Does he have inside jokes with you? Or maybe a personal nickname he only calls you?
  27. So what do you both refer to your relationship status as?
  28. Does he ever joke by replacing love with hate? Such as: 'I hate you more than anyone in the whole world' 'Hate at first sight' 'I hate you with all my heart'
  29. What would he do if you told him you were moving to the other side of the world?
  30. Is he single?
  31. Honestly, do you think he likes you?
  32. One last thing, has he tried to kill you?
  33. Finally, did you like this? It doesn't affect anything, I just wanna know :D

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