How well do you manage being bullied?

Do you get bullied? Do you want to know if you're doing anything wrong? Well, this quiz is for you because even if the questions aren't very detailed, they should be pretty accurate.

I've been bullied and it isn't fun, in fact, it can really hurt! But the truth is that bullies just want a way to make you miserable and angry. Usually, if you ignore them, they stop!

Created by: Savanna
  1. When you get bullied emotionally, what do you do or say?
  2. When your physically bullied, what do you do or say?
  3. When you get cyber bullied, what do you do or say?
  4. Do you group with anyone when you're being bullied?
  5. Did you tell a trusted adult?
  6. Do your parents/gardians know you get bullied?
  7. Do the bullies call you names?
  8. Have you actually been bullied?
  9. How often do you get bullied?
  10. That's all! Please rate and comment below!

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Quiz topic: How well do I manage being bullied?