Truth or Dare (chapter 1)

Chloe is a very unpopular girl... I mean really unpopular! She bullied and hated by her popular opposites. Even her crush, Tyler. But one day, at the school holiday cruise, Chloe is tricked by these girls to be her friend, then pushed off the cruise ship in a truth or dare game with Tyler, and the Two are forced to work together to figure a way back to the ship...

CHAPTER 1- Chloe is left being bullied in a classroom full of popular girls- but a brave girl named Lisa, bullied herself, stands up to her. This doesn't go according to plan, which puts more pressure on Chloe...

Created by: OmegaWolf
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  1. "Oh look! It's an unpopular girl!" shouted Dynasty, while sitting with a large mob of friends on her table. Groaning silently, Chloe slumped down on a seat that was already open and available, dropped her school bag on the floor then remained silent. Lisa staggered in the classroom, glancing at the projector board, then down to the rejected pupil and sat down next to Chloe. "Hey sorry I'm late, miss. I dropped my phone by the staircase, and I had to go pick it up" she lied, covering two purple and green bruises on her arm it the jumper sleeve. The bruises where about the size of a ten pence coin.
  2. Mrs Hopper looked sharply eyed at Lisa, then spoke. "Last payment for the school holiday tomorrow. Oh and it's just a few week until we go!" While the class jeered and cheered, Chloe searched the classroom seeing the huddle of populars talking and gossiping about her. Trying to ignore, Lisa grabbed a pen and wrote "Chloe heart Tyler" on the palm of her hand, and closed four finger to cover the message up. Josie Rooker stood up from the friend clan, over to the distracted girl, gripped on to the her arm, dug three needle sharp nails, leaving small vertical lines in her flesh, and shook around the arm, as if Josie was the leader
  3. "What's this? Oh! Chloe Loves Tyler!? Well" Josie announced to all he students. "Leave her alone!" snarled Lisa, threatening the bully. "Oh my! The talking pig decided to join over conversation. How lovely!" Pushing the chair back aggressively, Lisa went for Josie, neck first. Chloe owned her hand again, curling and crossing both of them together like a basket, then laid her head in the space. Dynasty printed lipstick around those pink rusted lips, feeling amused at the fight.
  4. "Calm down now!" screamed Mrs Hopper. The fight still took place. "Right, Isolation... NOW! Both of you." She separated the two squabbling girls. Lisa flicked her blonde side-fringe, spitting a great deal of saliva on the ground.
  5. "What's the meaning of this? All this girl on girl crime needs to stop. It's do eat dog!" Within a few minutes the principle showed herself by the door, ready to take the misbehaved students over at the counsellor, so they can talk things through.
  6. "I'm very sorry Mrs Hopper, for appalling behaviour from these two girls. This will be dealt with right now. I will make sure their parents are informed." The two girls and the head teacher soon disappeared from the corridor.
  7. After that the teacher handed out the text books, turned to the board, grabbed a red marker pen and wrote the instructions to what the students should work on. "Turn to page thirty-seven and answer the first ten questions, please"
  8. Chloe grabbed her pen, and neatly jotted down the first two questions. She stood from her seat, grabbed a sharpener, and sharpened the pencil led.
  9. She sat back down, pushing herself back to the table, jotting down the last few questions when she caught sight of something at the corner of her eye
  10. Dynasty, Megan, Jacqueline, Sharron and Michelle was staring at her, with b----y smiles, also hitting their fists in to their palms, chewing slowly at the mint bubble gum with their mouth open, looking straight at Chloe...

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